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May 16, 2011 07:19 AM

Need help for dessert obsessed fiancee bday

My fiancee is obsessed with desserts and sweets - often having them first before her apps and mains. I want to surprise her with a dessert tasting menu if at all possible. Amuse Bouche used to have one, but im not sure any other restos these days are offering them? I would settle for an amazing pastry chef with whom I can try to negotiate a special dessert tasting menu.


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  1. This might not be the answer you're looking for ... but on a previous thread, Eat to the Beat was recommended as a great fundraiser. It promotes women chefs, raises money for breast cancer and has lots and lots of desserts. It's in October, I think.

    1. Have you thought about Wanda's in Kensington??

      What about Dufflet's??


      787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

      1. I would suggest that you pick a few places you enjoy and give them a call. High-end places might be willing to do something special for the right price.

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        1. re: JennaBean

          this would be my course of action. also have the expectation that you should go on a quieter night, besides making it easier for the chef... it will likely be a much better experience for you.

          that being said, any place that generally offers a good variety of multiple desserts during a regular tasting menu or has a bakery offshoot are likely to be your best bets. for example, sen5es was one of my first thoughts.

          eat to the beat is also a great fundraiser though i'll note that there often isn't a lot of variety in types of desserts and the trend of what is popular tends to take over.

        2. Why not try Dessert Trends on Harbord - they have a wonderful selection of desserts. Some unusual and different kinds - it's the biggest and best selection I can think of in the city and the chef might just be able to help you out.

          Dessert Trends
          154 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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          1. re: Arcadiaseeker

            I recently ordered a selection of eight gourmet desserts (plus a scoop of chocolate mint ice cream in a chocolate cup) at Dessert Trends as a surprise for a friend. However, these were full servings of the desserts as I intended her to take them home as we knew she wouldn't be able to finish them in one sitting. She just had a nibble here and there and then they packaged up the whole lot for her.

          2. George usually has a seasonally themed "tasting" dessert that includes several small portions of various desserts on one plate. The online dessert menu hasn't been changed since December, when an apple tasting dessert was featured. I would think the current dessert menu features something seasonal like rhubarb, rather than apples. Has anyone ordered the "tasting" dessert at George recently?

            Beer Bistro also has a dessert platter for 2, with several small portions of desserts chosen by the chef, served on one plate.

            Might be worth calling Zee Grill ($$$) or Scaramouche ($$$$) to see if they'd do a dessert tasting for a special occasion. Both Zee and Scaramouche serve good desserts.

            Although the desserts always look delicious at Dessert Trends, I'm not crazy about their desserts. I always seem to end up wishing that I ordered something else.

            111 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2, CA

            Beer Bistro
            18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

            1 Benvenuto Place, Toronto, ON M4V 2L1, CA

            Zee Grill
            641 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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            1. re: prima

              Agree! Desserts at George is pretty damn good!!