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May 16, 2011 07:05 AM

Lunch in Kagoshima tomorrow?

I'm in Kagoshima right now and I would like to try something interesting for lunch.
Can you suggest a place? Anything but shabu-shabu please, had 2 this week already.
Tonkatsu? Soba? Anything else worth trying here? Preferably in the center.

Thank you all!

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    1. A listing for you.

      You should know that Kagoshima is most well known in Japan for their black pork (kurobuta), and shabu shabu is one of the best ways to enjoy it. There are tonkatsu restaurants listed as well. Don't forget to look out for things like satsuma-age, chicken sashimi (probably from the neighboring Miyazaki prefecture), and sweet potato based dishes. And shochu. Kagoshima is the center of shochu in Japan. Kagoshima has some of the more interesting cuisine in all of Japan. I hope you get a chance to explore.

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      1. re: E Eto

        They also make some of the best tonkotsu (stewed pork) down there - it's another local dish worth looking for.

      2. Hi guys, thank you very much. Unfortunatelly I was not able to use your recommendations as I had some stomach problems today - I guess they didnt really understand when I said I wanted no-fat milk in my coffee :-) well, too bad. Hopefully someone else tries your recommendations. The restaurant for chirimen and shirasu looked very good and I was looking forward to going there.

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          If you're that interested in chirimen/shirasu/sakkura ebi, stop in Hamamatsu or Shizuoka City if you're taking the shinkansen up to Tokyo.

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            I think we've had these for breakfast, they translated it as baby sardines... is that possible?
            They were served fried or dried. I liked them a lot :-) I'm not sure because I don't read or speak Japanese, but they did look like the pictures I found on the web.
            We've also had some bigger silver fish (probably their parents, they were the size of smaller sardines) as sushi. We were told these were a local speciality.

            1. re: sasicka

              Probably kibinago, another Kagoshima specialty.

        2. As for dinners, I was very happy to stay at the Shiroyama Kanko hotel (Castle Park hotel) in Kagoshima. We had some very tasty dinners here, most notably a wonderful black pork shabu shabu (allegedly it was special because it was in a steel pan and not in a clay pot) and some local beef teppanyaki complete with fantastic local sweet potato rice, daikon pickles, and other unidentified but wonderful dishes :-) The food here is worth every penny.