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May 16, 2011 06:49 AM

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Savannah, Georgia

Hello all-

My husband and I are going on an RV trip to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, SC the end of June. I saw a previous post about Charleston and the lack of dog friendly restaurants, but nothing about dog friendly restaurants in Savannah. While we know take out is always an option, we love to find good food, while our well behaved dog can be with us. It's just unfair that she be cooped up in an RV!

Any suggestions on dog friendly restaurants, or good restaurants that we can take out that perhaps has benches or a park nearby?

Thanks for any suggestions - we will be fulltiming in an RV at the end of this year so I will look forward to contributing to this site, as well as asking for good local places to eat in a variety of locales!


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  1. I don't think you will find a dog friendly restaurant, unless it's a service dog. There may even be laws against having animals in restaurants in some areas. Even if there aren't laws forbiding animals, most restaurants do not want dog hair in their restaurants. They would have too many complaints from other customers. There are parks all around Savannah, so you can always get take out and go to a park. There are so many good restaurants in Savannah, and I'm sure most of them offer take out. I would call ahead and ask for take out. Or call to see if they accept dogs.

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      Thanks - we usually do call ahead, but it's nice to narrow it down before that step if possible. Looks like we'll be scoping out parks and seeing if anything is close enough to take out (my biggest pet peeve about take out is how the food doesn't usually last well)

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        Good luck. you got some very good recommendations from Mark. So glad he could help.

    2. You should probably repost this on the Southeast board which covers Georga (I know, it's odd) including Savannah and you will likely get more responses. As far as dog-friendly, I find this mostly limited to restaurants with al fresco dining.

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        Well that's a big doh for me not reading correctly - you are right central south is not georgia.... We are perfectly fine with al fresco dining - we just don't like to eat crap just because we have a dog. :) That's great that she likes McDonalds...but we sure don't!

        1. Tricia,

          You will be very pleased with your trip to Savannah! It is a very dog friendly city! Infact, two of our squares, Troup & Ellis, have doggie water fountains!

          As far as pet friendly restaurants there are some great ones! We have a complete list at my inn, but my personal favorites are Clary's cafe for breakfast. They have out door seating and welcome dogs with cold water and treats! It is close the Cathedral so it is a great place to people watch.

          Wiley's Championship BBQ is some of the best BBQ you will ever put in your mouth and they are also dog lovers. This place is outside of the historic district and located in a small strip-mall. There is out door seating and it WELL worth the 10 minute drive to get there.

          There is also Vinnie's Pizza. They are located in City Market so you get great people watching, it is a place local's and tourist LOVE to visit. It is small, they only take cash, but it is great Savannah experience and they will water your dog.

          I hope this helps a little and excites you for your visit to Savannah. If I can help more, please shoot me an email

          Mark Thomas
          General Manager

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            We can't wait - we visited quite a few years ago, but now with a dog in tow it will be a different experience. How great that there are doggie water fountains! Thank you also for the recommendations, and kudos for being a pet friendly hotel. If we didn't just buy an RV, we would also be looking for accommodation....


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              I saw that you are RV-ing! What a great way to travel. One of my favorite camp grounds in Ft. McAllister in Richmond Hill (30 min from the historic district). Ft. McAllister is the end of the "March to the Sea" and the fort only fell because Sherman took it by land. It is a really well preserved earthen fort that you can walk into the bunkers... VERY NEAT. It is also on two rivers so it is a beautiful area. Danny is the Ranger out there. He is awesome.

          2. Thanks again for all the information - would you believe BOTH our AC units in the RV decided to crap right out on us. RV is in the shop & it's not looking good to leave Friday. So, hopefully with the campgrounds ok, we are going to move our reservations to Sept over Labor Day...and I so wanted to be in Savannah for my bday. :(

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              what a bummer! in this heat, ACs are a must! When is your birthday?

              1. re: Tbird_Manager

                Bday is the 27th. On the plus side, we heard from the shop yesterday and they think they can replace them by this weekend. So, we shifted our reservations at Skidaway to after Charleston instead of before (we are going to Charleston the 29th). Another good thing is we extended our time in Savannah for another day because of the shift! :)