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May 16, 2011 06:49 AM

For final meal: Le Baratin, La Gazzetta, Les Papilles, or Je The...Me?

Yes...looking for your recommendations for which of these places should be the final dinner for my partner and me in Paris:
Le Baratin,
La Gazzetta,
Les Papilles, or
Je The...Me

This will follow lunch of Le Cinq, so we're looking for something open late (10pm seating or so, and note we have good appetites) but allowing us to take Metro back to the 8th. Alcohol consumption will be minimal, so isn't a factor in the decision. But looking for a good final memory of Paris, with some aspect of the meal that will make us say, "Wow, what a way to finish," even if its in its simplicity.

FYI, to put my request in context, here's the rest of the itinerary:
Sunday: one of the Sunday markets (open to recommendations)
Sunday dinner: Breizh Cafe

Monday lunch: L'As du Falafel and other snacking
Monday dinner: La Regalade St. Honore

Tuesday lunch: Le Ribouldingue
Tuesday dinner: L’Abeille

Wednesday lunch: Le Cinq
Wednesday dinner (late): ???

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  1. As always, I'd go for one meal at Les Papilles. You will leave with a smile.

    1. I went to le Baratin recently. Service was more neglectful than I can easily shrug off (we were asked for our order without ever having the menu board brought to us, server forgot our dessert order while she sat with friends for a half hour or so) and the food was okay but not great (we had a quail escabèche, an artichoke and other spring vegetable mix, and roast lamb, two forgettable and forgotten desserts). We were disappointed.

      I went to Je a while back for lunch and enjoyed it quite a bit, but I can't really remember what I had there. I think the starter involved a lot of mushrooms and cream and an egg yolk, a combination I generally like.

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        You weren't lucky I guess, went there two weeks ago and the service was really nice, and the food spot on, of course it's bistrot food, not modernized/fancyfied like Chez l'Ami Jean for instance, but really good nonetheless.

      2. This will be a toss-up, I think. Open to more thoughts, and want everyone to know that I'll be posting about my meals after my return.