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May 16, 2011 06:02 AM

New World Mall

I took a stroll around this new mall on Roosevelt Avenue, just east of Main Street on Saturday. The first floor is a supermarket, while the basement is a food court. When I was there the food court was off limits and didn't appear to be open to the public yet. Has anyone been able to get down there to figure out whether there will be anything worth eating?

For those interested, the mall also has a second and third floor with a variety of non-brand name vendors selling everything from beef jerky to cell phone covers. Not as bizarre as the Flushing Mall, nor as much of an effort to be high-end as Queens Crossing, but still very different from your typical American-type mall shopping experience.

New World Mall
40-21 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

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    1. re: Joe MacBu

      Good stuff, thanks. Can't wait to try Pizza 8 and Burger Shack! One or two of the other places looked interesting also...

    2. Stopped in very briefly on Friday because I was in a rush to get over to Astoria to check out the hookah lounge scene on Steinway. For those of you who are in the know, the New World Mall resembles the East Broadway Mall in NYC's Chinatown behind Xi'an Famous Foods. New World is much bigger, cleaner, better lighting, and comes complete with its own 88 Palace Restaurant upstairs. FYI, Jeffsayyes informs us that it's called the "Grand Restaurant" in the link provided upthread by Joe MacBu.

      For a place that's only been opened for two weeks, it's sure gotten a grand welcoming from all its visitors. I'm optimistic that the downstairs food court will provide us with some "destination" dining options in the near future. I guess, just give it time.

      1. I was in there just as the food court was opened, but the only active stall seemed to exclusively be doing Taiwanese crab. The finished product resembled Singaporean chilli crab in appearance, but I didn't have any. Nothing else was really open so I gave it a pass and went for lunch elsewhere. The one Taiwanese stall with the crab was swamped with people.

        1. I swung by for lunch today and will post more details and photos later. About half of the stalls were open - the rest were still under construction or awaiting DoH inspections.

          The most happening stall is Live Seafood which serves crab, lobster and shrimp. The crab and lobster are killed to order, chopped, lightly floured, deep-fried and wok-tossed with the seasoning of your choice. About $6 for crab and $12 for lobster. They are delicious and cheap and very popular. Line was always a dozen deep after noon, but they are very efficient so it moves fast.

          The stalls that haven't opened are planing to on Saturday.
          These were in action today:

          Pizza 8 - looked meh
          Burger shack
          Hottest 86 (no English sign for the name) - HK/Taiwanese? Mostly stuff over rice.
          Korean stall with naeng myun-like noodle soup and selection of veggies.
          Mojoilla - Crepes with ice cream
          M S Han Song Ting - noodle soups, soondubu. Very popular.
          Live Seafood
          Taster's Delight - varied stuff. Some Sichuanesque. Dan dan mian is popular, but I found it mediocre. No Sichuan peppercorn.

          As you can see by the Chowhound auto-place-link below, some of these stalls have/had other locations.

          Unlike the mass of cheap clothing, shoe and junk shops on the upper floors, this food court is an excellent addition to Flushing.

          Han Song Ting
          37-02 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

          Hottest 86
          2172 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

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          1. re: Joe MacBu

            Thanks for the update. I believe MS Han Song Ting was previously at the now defunct Roosevelt Food Court on the west side of Roosevelt Avenue. Any sign of other proprietors from the old food court?

            1. re: Joe MacBu

              Update....was here on May 17th, 2012......

              Very overwhelming for a guy who could not speak the language...but the mall was fully packed @ 7:30 PM and i was very impressed by the food stalls I saw.....especially the few Hand Pulled Noodle Shops. Clearly some are busier than others. It seemed most people were enjoying dishes from the stalls that let you make selections from raw items...then cooking them for you and served in big bowls.

              I only had only an hour, as I was on my way to La Guardia to do a pick up for a friend, so I shopped with my eyes and settled for a bowl of Ox Tail Soup from Lan Zhou Hand Made Noodle. I was pleased with my selection....and have to say, I enjoyed it more than my previous visits and selections fro m Xian Famous outposts. I also stopped by Live Seafood and had the Soft Shell Crabs prepared Hong Kong Style ( Salt & Pepper ). Three crabs split in half for $9 served with some fried rice and thin shaved cabbage. I do not recall the name of the stall, but for traveling, I purchased some Fried Buns (Pork) for late night snacking. All in all, I enjoyed all the choices I made.

              I was particularly impressed by Loama Ma La Tang....if anyone could elaborate as how to order , i.e., do you select vegetables and choose your meats and seafoods separately....I thought I noticed a sign that indicated separate pricing for vegetables and pricing. Are there different sauces and levels of spiciness....or is it just one house special sauce?

              One particular point to note which I was not happy with.....I made some *To Go* purchases from Stall #10. In viewing the picture menu board, There were two Items I wanted to try, and another on display is a pan. The two items on the board were a picture of what I presumed were a Lamb Burger ($3) and Spring Rolls ( No Price ). The Pan Item I selected was Red Oil Shredded Tripe. When I was asked to pay, I was told $15. It seemed high, so I asked them for a breakdown in pricing for future reference. In the most *Broken English* you could imagine. I was told $6.50 for the Tripe, $3.50 for the Lamb and $5 for the Spring Rolls. When I politely pointed to the sign for the Burger as indicating $3, I was told it was for Pork and I was given Lamb.....the spring rolls on the printed menu they included in my package does confirm a *Meat Juice* Burger as being $3.50, but The Spring Rolls are only $3.00. It seems silly to overcharge someone on a simple item as Spring Rolls.

              Any other recommendations from others? TIA

            2. Appears to be a swap meet chic shopping mall from the retail end, so common in both China and North American Chinatowns. However, the eating areas sound really promising.

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              1. re: Chandavkl

                Is this the place thats supposed to replace the closing Flushing Mall? Hopefully in the next few years some of the best eating in Flushing materializes here

                1. re: AubWah

                  no, it's a new place. replacing caldor.
                  I don't think it's owned by the same people as the flushing mall. and in the place of the flushing mall is supposed to be a hotel and parking lot type stuff. but who really knows?

                  1. re: Jeffsayyes

                    i know i didnt mean literally i meant in the consciousness of flushing eaters. ill be sad to see flushing mall go i think it was my first exposure to flushing eats