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May 16, 2011 04:00 AM

Do you have an amazing SAUCE for fish tacos? Please share!

Sauce is the making of a fish taco, and I've never been happy with my efforts. Can you recommend a sauce?

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  1. Base:

    50% Plain Yogurt (I've also used sour cream in place of the yogurt)

    50% Mayo

    I then add one or two of the following ingredients to taste and blend:

    Chipotle in Adobo






    My favorite combination is Chipotle with Dill. I never measure the non-base ingredients. I just add them a little at a time into the processor (a mini choppper works best) and taste.

    1. one of my favorite cooking blogs is homesicktexan. i love her food, love her style of writing and love her photography.

      i use her recipe for carnitas and always make her "nifa's green sauce" alongside. i make enough that that we can use if for other things like fish tacos during the week. (i also make a huge batch of salsa and when i do, we call that "mexican week". haha!)

      when making this, i will use whatever tomatoes i can find. if there aren't any green ones around, i don't sweat it. i also double the garlic (like i do in everything i make. hey! my husband is italian!), use a little bit each of a jalapeño, serrano and habañero and also use homemade creme fråiche. however, it is delicious as is!!!

      1. My sauce is sour cream, adobo sauce (from canned chipotles in adobo) and lime juice. I just add the adobo and lime to taste.

        1. My secret sauce for fish tacos:

          Plain greek yogurt (2%) -- small carton, 6-7 oz
          Juice of 1/2 to 1 lime
          Mild chile power (usually ancho) .. about a teaspoon
          Cumin... about a 1/2 teaspoon
          Salt .. about a 1/4 teaspoon

          Stir and adjust to taste. Best if it sits (in the refrigerator) for an hour or more.

          1. The only thing I can add is that I subtract - I drain liquid from the yogurt first. I place a white paper napkin inside a colander, dump the plain or Greek yogurt, and let the liquid drain through for at least 30 minutes. I've always added just minced chipotles in adobe but in the future will likely add some of the ingredients other hounds have listed here.