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May 16, 2011 03:44 AM

Outstanding Lunch at the Turtle Cafe

My wife and I had lunch last week at the newly opened Turtle Cafe in Westbrook, CT. The Turtle is in the spot formerly occupied by the Muffin Corner.

Lunch was superb! I had the vegetarian falafel with cilantro pesto (they also have chicken falafel on the menu. They were moist and nicely spiced - ie, a little "hot& spicy. " My wife enjoyed her Thai chicken wrap which was also seasoned well - a little hot & spicy, too.

The menu is broad and adventurous, and allows for a nice trip through world cuisine.

The rumor is that the chef, Sharma, has been professionally trained.

All four of our thumbs up!

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  1. Having walked past this place and ogled their menu several times, I finally found myself there around noon with an empty stomach. Friends liked their wide choice of breakfasts (especially their frittatas and crepes), and I found a similar smorgasbord on their luncheon menu.

    What to get? The chicken falafel, quesadillas, muscles (sic) and cubano panini beckoned, but I finally went with the Thai chicken salad wrap. Quite tasty but just moderately spicy. They have a good choice of teas, but not too many desserts. Slight negatives are the rather plain diner-style decor, and the tardiness in cleaning up dirty plates (though in their defense they were fairly busy at the time).

    All in all, I'll stop in again (I'm itching to try out those other menu items I mentioned).

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      Ah, OK, I googled and think I know where you mean now--across from that HUGE Walgreens, right? I'll look for it next time I'm down the shore at lunchtime. Thank you both!

      P.S. to Don "muscles"--HA HA HA! ;)