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May 16, 2011 02:52 AM

sage flowers

My sage is doing great - growing vigorously and has quite a few flower buds ready to blossom. What should I do with them? Just let them flower and then remove them as the flowers fade? Or is there a use for the flowers (other than maybe as garnishes). Thanks!

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  1. Let them flower. Honey bees love sage flowers.
    After flowering, it'll throw down some of it's seeds. Let it reseed because it will continue to grow new plants.

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    1. Clip the flowers for garnish. They look great in bottles of flavored vinegars too. But if you want the plant to flourish and don't really care about using the flowers, clip the buds as soon as they appear. Producing seed weakens perennials and they all benefit from "deadheading". If you are growing a hybrid, it won't come back true from the seed anyway. If you want more sage (or other perennial herb) plants, you're better off dividing and replanting your herbs in the spring.

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        The flowers are pretty, though, and attract "good bugs." I leave them on, but cut them off before they set seed.

        I find that the plants don't last long and seem to weaken after a few years. Luckily, they are easy to grow from (purchased) seed.

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          Thanks Morwen and Glencora - very useful info!

          1. re: prio girl

            I say do both: clip some of the buds and leave a couple of them to flower. They really are delightful.

            morwen, love the blog!