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May 16, 2011 02:15 AM

Casa Sanchez 4500 s. Centinela Los Angeles

Hey everyone, well im looking into Casa Sanchez to consider a large graduating RN
Celebration party . My original plan was at Guadalajara grill in the city of baldwin park. Please advise me anything on Casa Sanchez . Greatly appreciated. Thanks

Centinela Cafe
4800 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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  1. Casa Sanchez is a good place for a large group celebration. Large room and patio, very professionally run. They have tables for two and booths of all sizes, some look like they can hold 10 or 12 people, great margaritas and live mariachi music. You might want to go by some evening and check it out. It's a lively scene and folks look like they'r having a good time. Decent food as well.

    1. The food is definitely good. However, if you're looking for some quality conversations to take place, find another place. When I went there a couple years ago, it was deafeningly loud and the band would take 15 second respites in between songs and go back at it full force. If you want that, then it's perfect...just giving you a heads up.

      1. Great. Thanks baron and doraxkishi

        1. Depending on how large your group will be, it might be worth asking about the room upstairs. I attended a going-away party there and it's quite large. The Mariachi band will also visit upstairs if they're playing that night.