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May 16, 2011 12:58 AM

Made to Order Duck Donuts (OBX)

Driving back from the sausage run to Weeping Radish in Grandy/Jarvisburg in the tornado and high wind alert, a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride if there ever was one, , I saw a billboard advertising made-to-order doughnuts at Duck Donuts. Naturally, I made a beeline to the Osprey Landing Center in Duck, but it was already after the 1:00pm closing time.

However, the deck at the end of the landing gave me a great vantage point on the angry sea and gale force winds.

The following morning, a dry and calm day, I had a chance to check out the location in the strip mall in Kill Devil Hills. It was mesmerizing to watch the donuts make their way from batter plopped into frying oil to golden brown rings that roll out the other end.

Then the icing station messed up and coated my donuts with cinnamon sugar instead of what I’d ordered. Another wait for a re-do. The donuts are $1.15 each, and large and heavy. Here’s my glazed and maple iced donuts, packed in an eco-unfriendly styro box, before I left the store.

Too hot to handle or eat, the donuts took a ride to the beach where I could enjoy them by the ocean.

I wish I’d taken a photo of what they looked like after that ride of a few blocks. The icing had slid off leaving unattractive blotches of unset sticky glaze on the donuts. I guess that the quick turn-around time doesn’t allow enough frying oil to drain off. Eaten hot, the cake donuts were very fluffy and tender, and quite greasy. In retrospect, the misfired cinnamon sugar coating might have been a better choice if more of stayed on the donut than these icings. I’m more of a raised, yeast donut gal myself, but for cake donuts, these were still quite good, icing problems aside.

Weeping Radish
6810 Caratoke Hwy, Grandy, NC 27939

Duck Donuts
710 S. Croatan Highway, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Duck Donuts
1190 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949

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  1. Hey Melanie!

    Frank just called me and said you were on the OBX. I'm here at our cottage in Duck. I'm just 2 blocks from Duck Donuts. Are you staying in Duck? If somebody sees this and Melanie doesn't, tell her Linda Baldwin is looking for her!!! I'm at 252-261-7983. I'll see if I can find her email address in my contacts. A link to my email address is at
    We MUST get together before you leave!!!

    Duck Donuts
    1190 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949

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    1. re: fcbaldwin

      Hi Frank and Linda! What a shame, I'm sorry you didn't catch my earlier posts when I was in NC last month. I'm dribbling out my trip report since returning home. This was a tour of long lost friends, an absence of 6 years for the folks in Charlotte and 5 years for my friend in Durham. But you would have won the prize, has it been 14 years since we last ate and wine'd together in San Francisco? I'd never heard of a pig picking until you described it to me many years ago and I think about you every time I have country ham, so you were definitely on my mind and part of this visit to NC.

      If you click on the blue link for my name, you'll be directed to my profile and find my email address and my posts about my trip there. I'm delighted to know that you're on this board and we can pick up again.

      My time in the OBX was much too short and limited by the severe weather. I loved the seafood. So I hope to return some day.

      What do you think of Duck Donuts?

      Duck Donuts
      1190 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Yep I expect it's been that long. I haven't bought a bottle of wine in prolly 10 years. I remember so well your party, Frank being so put out that he had to write tasting notes. Now if they'd been martinis, he'd have been happy as a pig in ****. It was a GREAT party though!

        I haven't read all your posts about OBX, but Frank says he saw one in which you mentioned the tornado warning. Where were you then? We were asleep here at the cottage (Chatterbox Too) on the street that goes east from Duck Rd at the Wings store to the beach. The tornado hit our house and we knew nothing about it until the fireman banged on the door to see if everybody was OK.....blew all our front windows out, glass covered the whole house. And if you were around Duck the next day or so you might have heard of the trailer that was blown across Christopher Drive, over our dune, and slammed into our house and bounced onto Frank's truck. Each of our vehicles had $7K damage. I can't even add high enough to figure the final damage to the house, but structurally it's Oh, and the trailer had a new Harley in it!

        Wish I'd known you were going to be here. We pass right by a place in Ivor, VA, that cures and smokes country hams. They're the best of the at least 2 dozen we've tried, and I think we pay less than $2/lb. I'd have gotten you one or at least invited you over for some ham biscuits. We buy about 3 a year.

        So good to hear from you! What and who am I missing out there for wine dinners?


        Duck Donuts are good as long as they're hot. I don't like them once they've gotten cold though.

        Duck Donuts
        1190 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949