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May 16, 2011 12:11 AM

ISO good Vietnamese Crepe aka. Banh Xeo (YEG)

Just moved to Edmonton from Calgary, native Vancouverite. Was craving a nice crispy Banh Xeo today with all the fresh ingredients. Went to Ninh Kieu - the pho was decent but the banh xeo was not that good...

In Calgary the banh xeo at TNK and Pho Tai are overfull with mung beans, meat, bean sprouts, etc. and served with a mountain of lettuce to wrap the crepe in and a huge dish of herbs and cucumbers along with the obligatory chili fish sauce.

In Vancouver, my go-to was Phnom Penh... which was also very full served with a big plate of lettuce.

The banh xeo today was mainly crepe, very little filling. Even the crepe was very eggy and I couldn't taste that familiar coconut milk flavour. The lettuce was shredded so impossible to wrap with and very little herb/veg. Even the fish sauce was just fish sauce without the chili, additional seasoning, and shredded carrot.

Anyone know of a place in Edmonton with a great banh xeo?

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  1. Sorry foodkarma, I have not noticed Banh Xeo at any vietnamese restaurant Ive been to lately. The only ones Ive had were in Calgary. I hope there are some some positive responses

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      Thanks for the reply Felix... I'm hoping so too... but if not, I may have to try a few places and do my own reviews.

    2. I asked a Vietnamese friend and she said she's only ever eaten them at home and never at restuarants, sorry.

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        anon - Thanks for trying! I appreciate it!

      2. You know what, I have never seen it at a restaurant but i went to the Vietnamese sub shop just west of 97St. on 106 Ave... I think it is called Nhon Hoa. It is right next to a video store. It was a special order and a Vietnamese gentleman picked up 30 banh xeo (with all of the fixings) and 12 subs; the total was around $78 that he paid. I do see a few more on plates wrapped in plastic there. I can't tell you if they are any good as I really enjoy the subs there but have never tried their banh xeo.

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        1. re: Fergie007

          This is very exciting news - thanks Fergie. I'll have to check it out. Is this the same sub shop as the one on Whyte?