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May 15, 2011 10:38 PM

Good places to eat in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

I'm going to be in Minneapolis for a few days this summer and I wanted to know some good places to eat. I like just about anything except vegetarian and any seafood but shrimp. My favorites are BBQ (I live near Kansas City), steakhouses, Chinese food, and fried chicken...but I'm game for just about anything.

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  1. If you like Chinese food, you might enjoy Vietnamese and that's something MSP has in some abundance. Here's a couple of threads devoted to it:

    You sound like you enjoy large piles of meat (I do, too!), so I think you might like Brasa; I'd also suggest you look at Haute Dish.

    While I, as a Minnesotan, like some of our local barbecue places (Big Daddy's, Ted Cook's), I'm not sure barbecue is something MSP does particularly well.

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      Well, I'm willing to give it a try. We are going to eat a few meals at the MOA, but we wanted to eat elsewhere, too.

      1. re: ShadowStar83

        I would suggest eating no meals at MOA. You will miss many of the great places Minneapolis-St. Paul has to offer. I think Brasa would be right up your alley. If you do go order family style, it is such a great deal.

        Brasa Rotisserie
        600 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

        1. re: Alsama

          Well, nothing's set in stone as far as where we're gonna eat...any other suggestions? I don't think we'll want to go to Brasa every day! :P

          1. re: ShadowStar83

            To the specific foods mentioned in the original post:
            . The BBQ doesn't stand up to KC reknown but there are a good five or six threads that discuss all the places of note. The Search function should bring those up.
            . The fried chicken is not a real specialty but there are a couple of threads that name the spots people would go to if they were in the neighborhood. The Search function is also useful here.
            . It's no accident that the most recent thread on steakhouses is titled "Best High End Money No Object Steak Dinner in MSP??"

            Here are examples of posts from other recent visitors. The ones who got the best responses all seemed to do a couple of things right: read existing threads on the boards as a starting point for their own research, knew enough about their own tastes & requirements to focus their inquiry, and supplied enough details about their travel logistics to allow posters to help them with a minimum of wasted time.


            Please read through this material and consider how your travel plans affect your dining plans -- what exactly are you doing in town? are you interested only in dinners? how many people is "we" and what settings & food types do your companions avoid? what's your spending limit? do you plan to rent a car?

            Then feel free to come back with some focused question based on the restaurant suggestions that posters have already supplied in answering countless inquiries like your own.

    2. I'll start with the disclaimer: I'm not from Minneapolis. But I know that there are a lot of different kinds of great restaurants there.

      I've seen similar questions asked about my own home town, and honestly it's very difficult to answer when someone says that they'll eat almost anything and they don't give any other information that could help narrow it down (by price, by neighborhood, etc). In the absence of such information (which can be helpful - hint, hint), I try to name my favorite restaurants in maybe 5-10 different categories, covering a variety of price points and types of food, with the commonality that the food is unusually excellent. I'm surprised the only mentions are one type of food (Vietnamese) and one restaurant (Brasa), because I know there's so much more in the Cities. There's already a mention of "many of the great places Minneapolis-St. Paul has to offer". Perhaps a bunch of those "great places" could be mentioned here?

      And ShadowStar83, if you could tell people a little more - what part of town you'll be spending time in, how you'll be getting around, whether you're looking for fine dining or cheap eats, etc - I'm sure that will help people give you advice that will be more specific to your needs.

      Okay, I'll go back to observing now. Gotta go see what else is being mentioned in preparation for my upcoming trip there... :)

      1. Depends on your location, budget, and willingness to drive. If you could fill in those blanks, I'll be more than happy to help...

        I don't want to recommend a bunch of white tablecloth joints if you'd rather go to shorts and t-shirt spots.

        1. If you find yourself craving BBQ. Head over to Bayport BBQ. Not only is it the best BBQ in the state but they have live music every night. Worth every gallon of gas to get there.

          Bayport BBQ
          328 5th Ave N, Bayport, MN 55003

          1. yikes, don't eat meals at moa, there is literally nothing good there afaik-- sorry to just blurt that out like that. well, i actually like the gelato at the moa paciugo stand though, which i believe is a chain out of austin? but it's quite good imo. the rest of the food at moa is a no-go.

            maybe you'd be interested in grass-fed steaks while you're here? or maybe not? hard to make a good steak house rec without knowing what you're open to. what do you look for in a steakhouse? what part of town will you be staying in? title says minneapolis and st paul but body of post only says minneapolis. will you have a car? budget? ambiance? we want to help but give us a little to go on, here :)

            two of msp's strong suits are local foods and vietnamese/se asian, there are a lot of great restaurant gems across the board as well. i think you're probably wasting your time if you come to msp for fried chicken and kc style bbq (i know there are some local exceptions, but these are not the best local flavors, to be honest).

            one fun suggestion, since you like seafood, may be sea salt eatery-- it's an informal little picnic shelter shack-type place that sells really good seafood in the public park by minehaha falls

            the park is not too far from moa and the food is way better, you can enjoy the nice weather and the waterfall and a nice meal outside. you can go cheaper, with a fried catfish po boy sandwich or a big platter of oysters or one of their pricier daily specials, with a pint or pitcher of local beer. good times. there can be long annoying lines at mealtimes, especially on the weekends, so if you want to zip in and out faster try to hit sea salt for a mid afternoon weekday lunch, if you can.

            Sea Salt Eatery
            4801 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417