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May 15, 2011 09:56 PM

Waterville Valley

Hey Guys,
I'm a NH native but now live in NYC. My wife and I are going to visit family and will be taking a few days in Waterville Valley. I always like my food at the Common Man restaurants well enough and we may end up going there but I wondered if you guys had any suggestions.

We have no dietary restrictions and like everything from vegetarian to organ meats to pizza and Vietnamese. We do however like to do business with places that source locally. We've learned to eat locally here in NYC and we love the farmers markets (and farms) that we visit in the warmer months but we know less about restaurants that work with local ingredients.

Price is not an issue as we're planning to pamper ourselves for a little while and we are able to take a short drive if necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help! Can't wait to be back home in NH!


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  1. My dad used to live in Waterville Valley, and I've visited there many times. IMHO dining choices are limited and not great quality, especially if you're looking for something at a NYC level.

    Try Diamond's Edge upstairs in the town square or Coyote Grill up above the athletic club. Neither are fine dining, but you'll be fine as long as your expectations aren't high.

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      Thank you. We're fine with a little drive too. Anything else in the area you like?

      I spent a many vacations as a child eating the pizza there and thinking it was the best thing I had ever tasted. : )

      I realize I may need to repost but do you have any recs near Keene?


      1. re: JeremyEG

        There is a pizza place in the town square in WV, but I haven't eaten there in years, so can't comment. The Mad River Tavern in Campton, close to I93 has ok food with moderate prices and good service. As with the places I mentioned above, food is ok as long as you're not expecting high-end gourmet fare.

        I'm not familiar with Keene at all--sorry.

        Mad River Tavern
        RR 49, Campton, NH 03223

      2. re: cfrolio

        Drive north to Bethelehem to The Wayside Inn on Rt 302.

        Wayside Inn
        Pierce Brg, Bethlehem, NH 03574