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May 15, 2011 09:15 PM

Great breakfast between Ventura and Santa Barbara?

We'll be driving up the coast from Orange County to Big Sur in a few weeks and will be leaving home very early to avoid some traffic. We'll be in the Ventura-Montecito-Santa Barbara area in time for a nice breakfast break and would like something terrific not too far off US 101. Is there an exceptional breakfast spot in this area? Great pastries, breads, pancakes, waffles, eggs, etc. Is what we want.

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  1. in Santa Barbara, very close to 101, D'Angelo's Bakery might fit your requirements, bearing in mind that any fancier style brunch/breakfast in that town will be pretty dear, and this is a pretty simple cafe-bakery that isn't cheap by any means. The quality of their foods, pastries, breads, coffee is fresh and very good (breads and coffee well above average for SB), but not what I'd call terrific (don't live in that town, and can't say where they stand relative to similar spots in the area). They are very busy from mid morning on weekends but people seem to think it's worth the wait. We prefer a simpler, more regionally-influenced, diner style place in Goleta, Domingo's, but they aren't a bakery with the pastries and breads like D'Angelos.

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      For breakfast in SB I can think of a few choices that are all pretty good

      1) Renauds (two locations Upper State nr Las Positas and lower State) does a great French breakfast. Great Croissants, good coffee and great food

      2) Cajun Kitchen-good omelets, fun atmosphere

      3) Andersons- On State Street has a very good breakfast

      State Street Cafe
      440 E Ortega St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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        kaki, are you referring to Andersen's Danish Bakery/Restaurant on that street ? We always stay close to the shore line and 101 so haven't tried many places in town -- the pastries at Renauds sound like they're worth a visit.

    2. Midway between Ventura and SB is Carpinteria which has lots of good breakfast choices and there is the venerable Shoals Restaurant in the Cliff House Inn in Las Conchitas: (Link Warning - music! )

      Carp restaurants and there is a Cajun Kitchen in town here too: I am also a great fan of the Swedish pancakes at any IHOP, so there you go too.

      Cafe Luna in Summerland is also a good spot before you get to Santa Barbara.

      1. Ellen's near Andersen's in Buellton for a Danish breakfast located in the Avenue of the Flags. Haven't been there for a while but the last couple of times it was pretty good. Try their Danish sausage breakfast special.