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Hong Kong MUST EATS AND ALL TIME FAVORITES for 6 Days of eating!!

So...am super excited for our upcoming HK trip end of May/early June!!

I haven't been back to HK in years and despite growing up there as a child, I have little to no recollection of the city let alone the good foodie places to hit up.

We will be at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai-a short skip from Causeway Bay.

So far, I only have a couple places jotted down to definitely eat at from chatting with my HK pals.

--Tim Ho Wan (well I found this from a WSJ article about dim sum awhile ago and told myself I must go here if I ever find myself in HK again...best dim sum ever, true?)

--Lei Garden (I think I remember this place from the 80s, if its the same one that's been around that long...best cantonese cuisine all around?)

Soo, what are we looking for? (lots and lots of cantonese and other regional chinese food that is harder to be found in the U.S. like even in LA and NYC, it is hard to come by chinese food outside of the regular cantonese, szechuan, taiwanese, etc)

--any Michelin rated chinese place Chowhounders would recommend? my bf and I figured this may be our one chance to do "fancy" Chinese and if there is one city we'd pay good money for this, it's Hong Kong!

(on the Michelin rated HK restaurants, I think Lung King Heen is the only Chinese one there, nothing against non-Asian cuisine but I think our plan is to eat as much Asian in HK as possible haha...but is Lung King Heen or Sun Tung Lok a MUST TRY for our 1-2 "fancy" meals in HK?)

--dim sum (besides Tim Ho Wan as mentioned above)

--bakeries (I LOVE chinese bakeries, cakes, hot dog buns etc)

--Peking Duck (any place that makes this especially good)

--late night dessert places

--HK/Chinese/American cafes (I don't know how they're referred to in HK, but in L.A. we have quite a few of these "Chinese American" cafes in San Gabriel Valley where they serve chicken ala king, an extensive list of bubble teas, honey lemon tea, borscht soup, etc)

--xiao long bao (we have found a couple places in LA we love, but I think I saw that there is a Din Tai Fung in HK too...is this the place or are there others that are better?)

--regional Chinese cuisine like (Hakkanese, Chiu Chow, Shanghainese)

--noodles place (definitely would love to find a homemade noodle soup type place)

--congee place

--birds nest soup

--sharks fin soup

Thanks soooo much!!! :)

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  1. Besides "dried" seafood, one of the most important thing is missed in the your HK food quest, which is fresh seafood in HK, Do a search on this board, you will find post related to it. But it requires to go with a group of people to enjoy this kind of cuisine, same with high-end fancy Chinese food.

    1. Hi coweepooh,

      Welcome to HK!

      The questions you asked are the subject of regular heated debate on this board. So there's no easy answer. Check out the following threads for some great suggestions:

      Top 3 in HK: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/762106
      Best dim sum in Hong Kong: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/318331

      Although he's in self-exile (presumably because the level of discussion on this board is beneath him), CHer Peech writes a great blog covering most of the best fine Chinese and Western restaurants in town:

      e_ting, HK Epicurious, and TomEatsHK all eat broadly and write excellent blogs too. Just Google their respective names.

      (I'm assuming you don't, like me, read Chinese.


      For dim sum, I've had great food recently at Sun Tung Lok, Yan Toh Heen, and Fu Sing.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks everyone for the links and info so far!

        Does anyone else like borsht soup like I do? Any recs of a good cafe/restaurant for that =)

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        1. re: coweepooh

          Erm the Ukrainian/ Russian speciality? I haven't heard of too many places which serve it... unless I am missing something and it is also a Chinese delicacy?

          1. re: TomEatsHK

            I think Queen's Cafe in Causeway Bay was one of the last remnants of the Russian influence on HK [edit but I understand it has closed]. There are several other outlets eg North Point and at Festival Walk (Kowloon Tong) which still serve Borscht.


            btw there is a Cherikoff bakery nr. Prince Edward station but it has no discernible connection to the original on Waterloo Road.

            1. re: harryrodgers

              I remember the old Cherikoff on Nathan Road close to Hillwood Road well! Not only the restaurant food but the bakeries as well. Black chocolate cakes with real brandy sooked cherries and Kirsch! Yummm! Then, there were the Chanticleer, Rikki's, ABC...etc. All made great Borscht with unique ' commercial' taste and aroma as well as great Russian 'cold plates'/salads...etc. Pity they have all disappeared!! Nowadays, same dishes from Tai Ping Koon...etc simply fell way short!!
              Jimmy's kitchen still have a few dishes on its menu worth visiting. One such dish is their awesome Chicken Kiev!! Really top-notch!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Ahh - Nathan road that's right...not Waterloo. Oops! My father was reminiscing just the other day about their cream puffs when he was a kid.

          2. re: coweepooh

            I'd go to a couple of places in HK for their old-school Canto-Russian borscht soup:

            1. Tai Ping Koon

            2. Jimmy's Kitchen

            1. re: klyeoh

              Ohh we were at Tai Ping Koon yesterday, thought it was yummy esp the wings but pricier than I had imagined or pay for this type of food in LA's San Gabriel Valley too...will check out Jimmys Kitchen if we can tonight.

              Crystal Jade in CWB was delicious though and loved the small portions/prices for trying lots of different dishes like the sauteed green beans with chili and chili wontons!

              1. re: coweepooh

                TPK was never a cheap restaurant even back in its heyday, let alone 20 to 30 years ago. They were basically a slightly easier access medium for non British locals to eat western food (HK style), complete with butler looking burgundy tuxedo garbed waitstaff (who look like they are retirees) with no nonsense service (definitely not Michelin starred quality...). TPK has a HK cafe like menu, but is absolutely not one...which is the stark contrast to Southern California SGV's abundance of cheap but not high quality HK cafe fare.

                1. re: K K

                  Yah...TPK was still yummy though, went to Maxim Cafe today on Hennessy near CWB and it totally didn't compare!

          3. For more than just Canto-Russian Borscht, give " Czarina Resttaurant " 33 Bonham Road, Mid-level ( tel:25498009 ) a try. Full spectrum of Russian dishes from mixed deli meat potato/beets salad to other specialties. This type of cuisine is quickly disappearing from Hong Kong's dining scene!

            1. I'm a big fan of cuisine cuisine in Kowloon for Dim Sum / Chinese. two star michelin.

              I don't think Tim Ho Wan is worth waiting 2 hours for but then again i wouldn't wait two hours for anything.

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              1. re: Hot Chocolate

                Yahhh I think we may do dim sum somewhere else...someone else mentioned

                Cuisine Cuisine at IFC

                Dragon King in CWB

                Jade Garden in CWB

                Lung King Heen which I know hasn't gotten loads of love on Chowhound but a couple friends said it was great for dim sum?

                Lung King Heen
                Finance Street, Hong Kong , HK

                Jade Garden
                Shanghai,China , CN

              2. Anyone with a good lobster place in HK around Central/CWB area preferably, hoping to find lobster cheese sauce but was told tonight at Lei Garden IFC that their lobsters were too big tonight for our 4 person table =(

                We were at Ye Shanghai the other night and it was also delicious, great attentive service too...

                So 1-2 more nice dinners on our schedule and a dim sum tomorrow...any places between

                Fook Lam Moon

                Yung Kee

                Lung King Heen

                Cuisine Cuisine

                Fu Sing

                Jade Garden

                Dragon King


                Lung King Heen
                Finance Street, Hong Kong , HK

                Jade Garden
                Shanghai,China , CN

                Lei Garden
                IFC Mall, Hong Kong , HK

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                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Definitely Fook Lam Moon 福臨門. Here are my recommendations (use an online translator if you don't read Chinese):

                    Lunch: 百花脆皮腸, 金粟墨魚餅, 雞扎, 珍珠雞, 蝦餃, 牛肉球, 叉燒包, 例牌叉燒, 叉燒酥, 麻蓉包, 合桃露, 蛋撻

                    Dinner: 片皮乳豬, 炸子雞, 東星斑, 豉椒炒龍蝦球, 焗蟹蓋, 百花炸釀蟹拑, 腊味飯煲, 荷葉飯, 甫魚干燒伊麵, 椰盅燉燕窩

                    1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                      Man!! You are making me HUNGRY looking at the list! And I haven't had breakfast yet!!
                      Pity I won't be back till next year!! Sigh!! At least by then, I'll have an additional $6000 HK government donation to contribute to the meal!! Add an abalone or two??!! Ha!! May be you would like to join our annual 'chowmeet'?!

                  2. re: coweepooh

                    Have you done hotpot yet?

                    I know it's pretty hot for it now, but it's really fun.

                    We like Hotpot Instinct in Causeway Bay. Recommend the black truffle squid balls.

                    Also, San Xi Lou in Mid-Levels can be very yummy (Sichuan). Every house specialty we've had there has been good. I think the Sichuan smoked duck is a knockout.

                    1. re: chloehk

                      Yea, hot pot can be quite fun. I like Megan's Kitchen 美味廚 in Wanchai. Here are my recommendations:

                      澳洲MB2雪花肥牛, 西班牙豬, 黑松露牛肉餃和西洋菜餃, 手打丸子四式拼盤

                      1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                        No one has mentioned 2 Michelin star restaurant Ming court in Mong Kok. An excellent restaurant with superb truffle Wagyu beef with pumpkin. Work off your meal walking through Ladies Street!

                        We are big fans of Lung King Heen, it is still our favorite. I know others here question this, but combine solid food, a breathtaking view, and world-class service..

                        Sun Tung Lok Dispenses with the view but maintains stellar food and service.


                        Have someone else mentioned, live seafood is excellent in Hong Kong. Sai Kung is a stellar place to visit. one Michelin star Loaf on is a good restaurant in this area

                        Lung King Heen
                        Finance Street, Hong Kong , HK