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May 15, 2011 06:36 PM

Five Guys Scarborough opening this week!

Drove by and the place looks ready to go. Its all set up inside, outside is all set up, and Today I saw they have the bags of Potato's inside ready to go. Im not sure exactly what day its going to open, but its gonna be anyday now considering they already have potato's stocked up.

Ill try and keep you guys updated on when its actually open, and if anyone else sees it open let us know!

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  1. Thanks for this update! This is wonderful news! I just can't wait till Five Guys opens and hastens the demise of the local poseurs. Jetsun's might as well close up and move. Their days are numbered, the countdown has commenced....

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      They better open very, very soon. If they have brought foodstock in, anything beyond a few days is questionable in my humble opinion.

    2. I work nearby. I'll keep my eyes open too. Yeah, Jetsuns Incredibly Overcooked Burgers should take a hike. Poorboy, it's only potatoes jmarcroyal mentions. No worries. They can take weeks, heck months.

      1. Went by around 11 am hoping they would be open today. No luck! There were 5 people inside doing various things, they all had five guys apparel on, so I figured they were staff. I parked outside for a few minutes until an older lady stepped out, she said they would be opening this Friday.

        btw apart from the California Sandwiches opening next door, if there are any fans of Jody's Deli, it looks like they're opening another one across the street from Five Guys in the plaza where Metrosports is.

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          This Friday! Thanks for the news! Whoever said they'd open by Victoria Day weekend, take a bow :-)

          Five Guys as a general rule does not advertise, they let their food and their customers do that for them. Time to sing "na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye" to the poseurs!

        2. Went today (Friday May 20 their first day) and it was busy and great. I had their hamburger ( which is two patties) as apposed to their "Little burger" which is one patty. About seven ounces of meat, juicy and fresh tasting. Worth the $6.49 plus tax. Interestingly the toppings like mushrooms of fried onions are free so good value for a good product.

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