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May 15, 2011 03:40 PM

Bel Air farmer's market

We decided to try the Bel Air farmer's market yesterday. Some familiar vendors were there there like KCC poultry and the hickory beef folks and the olive oil guy, plus others like Bloom's Broom ice cream and a pastured chicken guy with really nice chicken sausage. But because of the rain in was sparse plus the early season provided more flowers than food. But people said to expect a lot more produce in the coming weeks. Anyone have experience here? It's dog friendly and we just took in a sweet stray who loves to socialize, so we'll be back.

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  1. Went back to Bel Air yesterday and sure enough the offerings were greatly improved. We got squash blossoms, garlic scapes, pea blossoms (?), snow peas, sugar snap peas, cheese from Broom's Bloom, some raw milk cheese from another vendor, quail eggs from KCC, a few kinds of sausage, chicken livers, and lots of staples. A good haul. Not as big as JFX but easier to manage and full of goodies (and dog friendly)