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May 15, 2011 03:38 PM

great meal at Hummus in Ardmore

we just had a really nice dinner at Hummus in ardmore -- it's been open maybe 8 months and we hadn't been back since winter. the chef has really hit his mark and the food was even better. It is a casual, BYOB (we brought beer this time) you order at a counter and they bring food to your table. it welcomes families/small kids so there were a few this time (but i don't mind kids when it is 6 pm and not a fancy/date place)
food is your choice of platter (for $8-10) or sandwich version for ($6-8) of felafel, shwarma, kebobs and salads. every platter comes with rice or fries and two sides like hummus, fried eggplant, baba ganosh, cold Israeli carrott salad, chopped beets etc. Their hummus is great and pita is hot and fresh. the special tonite was bourekas ( a flaky pastry) filled with mushrooms or feta and we ate 2--they were amazing!!
we need to support delish places like this because restaurants in my neighborhood (Ardmore!) are few and far between (and not really good). Hummus is the real deal! If you like Israeli food- like felafel and salads --give it a try. It is in teh strip mall at the end of ardmore, with the state store/DSW and new Planet Fitness.

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  1. yes I agree! I've been twice- first time I had a salad with chicken skewer and second time the grilled lamb pita. Both were delish. This place is getting popular- my only complaint would be when the restaurant is full it gets pretty loud inside.

    1. I love Hummus in Ardmore! LOVE it! I go frequently for lunch. Everything I have had there is delicious and fresh. I have had several things on their menu, but really love the sabich sandwich with everything on it, the grape leaves, and the french fries.