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May 15, 2011 12:26 PM

Thoughts on KO Pies/Catering

Would love to hear other chowhound opinions on KO Pies/Catering in South Boston.

So far I have sampled the Classic, the Irish Beef Stew and the Curry Vegetable pies... all were filling and very tasty. I wish the bottom had been a little crustier, but overall the crust was flaky and buttery. Also tried the chick pea salad (really, just a salad with some chick peas thrown over it, but the lettuce was all romaine and fresh) and the garlic mash (SUPER garlicky). Also bought a package of TimTams (not to my taste, but they didn't make them).

Thoughts, either from real Aussies or those who have sampled the real thing, or from those who have no experience but still enjoyed the food?

The people running this place seem very nice. Anyone have anymore info about them?

Also, I really, really wish they would park their truck on City Hall plaza, or nearby in the Financial District (Kilby or Broad or some other street).

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  1. I reviewed them some months ago in the Phoenix. I didn't eat many meat pies in my travels to Australia, but I like these a lot: the beef stew is my favorite. Also like the sausage roll, the chicken schnitzel sandwich, the corn fritters at breakfast, the fries (the chicken-salt upgrade is worth trying), and the Lamingtons. Nice people, good little place. Haven't seen the truck about yet.


    1. I've always enjoyed a stop there.. they are close enough off of 93 that its feasible to do home-commute stop, and parking is pretty easy in that area.

      1. KO is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood, and on my path from work to home.

        The Irish stew and the fries are my go-to, but the fish and chips are another fave.

        I always seem to have pie cravings on Mondays (they're closed), and I wish they'd be open on weekends (but I understand that their lunch crowd must be a lot larger than their dinner one). My one nit is that sometimes when you swing by just before you close you get pies that are dried out to the point of no return.

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          They are open on weekends... I think they just close before the dinner hour. I was there at closing (4pm) a few Sundays ago and didn't get a dried out pie.

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            Astrid...yes, you're right...I meant for dinner on weekends. My bad!

            As for dried out pies, it is only SOMETIMES. I go to KO probably once a week and I don't always get dried-out stuff, but probably 1 out of 6 is inedible.

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            My husband grew up in Australia, and has happy memories of the meat pies. I took him to KO when it opened, and and he just *glowed*, squirting ketchup under the crust of his beef stew pie (He says it's tradition, go figure.) One way to beat the dried out problem: bake them yourself. for his birthday, I emailed KO (got an instant reply), and drove into the city to pick up a bag of frozen pies and sausage rolls. Warm from the oven, uuummm.

            1. I've been once and had the classic beef pie, a bite of the chicken sandwich, and shared the calamari.

              Everything was fantastic, but really that calamari is a must have; fresh, light and flavorful. Probably the best calamari I've had.

              I think this has been mentioned in other (more current) threads, but KO is expanding to the Scup's location.

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                Wow! glad to hear about expansion. Do you have any more info on when the move will be? and is the location this one: 256 Marginal St
                Bldg 16
                (between Pearl Pl & Jeffries St)
                Boston, MA 02128
                Neighborhood: East Boston?

                1. re: cocoabrioche

                  Yes, that's the location. We chatted with KO's owner (I assume) about it.

                  He said the new location will have the meat pies they're known for and will expand upon their current menu, offering more entree-like items. Also, for chowhounding yachters, you'll be able to radio in an order and they'll deliver it to the docks (I'm not sure on the specifics). I believe they will have beer and wine, as well, though that may be wishful thinking on my part.

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                    Any chance they'll have a deal with the shuttle boats like Scup's had?