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May 15, 2011 12:24 PM

Hangar B Eatery on Chatham, MA

I hesitate to share this spot here but I must. I rarely give 5 stars but I did...and here we go. I have been dying to go here for a year or more. Today I took my kiddo for a post b day brunch. We met my friend as well. The spot is located at a cutie pie small local airport. The chairs and tables are worn formica and funky. The waitstaff, exuberant and efficient. It's cool to watch Chef Erskine (formerly of Chatham Bars Inn) work his magic. Quite honestly it's flawless. I love the fresh squeezed OJ. I love that they serve real maple syrup and their own jam. My friend and I had the special, soft shell crabs (boy do I love May when these honeys are running) was served BLT style with amazing sour dough toast, an avocado spread, lovely sundried tomatoes and the lovely crab. My kiddo loved her fish tacos. We had a homemade donut to go. OH MY GOSH...ambrosia. I cannot wait to go back. The price before tip was 56.00 including a coffee.

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  1. Great report! Never been for lunch myself. Ran down there once for B'Fast after I heard they served lemon ricotta pancakes with real maple suryp. Outstanding. Will have to try for lunch soon.

    1. My sister stumble on this towards the end of last summer and loved it, but I never made it back up to the Cape last summer to give it a try myself... but it is on my short list of places to visit this year.
      She went for breakfast and sad it was amazing, especially the pancakes.
      Thanks for the report.

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        my date took his kids a few weeks back and his daughter LOVED the chocolate croissant french obscene is that...everything that went by being served looked amazing. We will go back in a few weeks for the summer crowds descend. What a find...a bit pricey but WELL worth it. Has anyone breakfasted at Queen Anne Inn?