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May 15, 2011 10:53 AM

What is the name of the theme song for Laura Calder's "French Cooking at Home"

As I have watched Laura Calder's "French Cooking at Home," I have wondered what the title is of the theme song for the show. They sing it both in French and in English. (And as is typical for me, I can't understand most of the words.) Maybe the creators wrote it specially for the show, but it sounds like something written in the 1920s. Anyone know? Also, monitors, I didn't know whether this was the correct board for this question, so, obviously, please move this post, if I am on the wrong board.

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  1. Here is the You Tube of it if it can help anybody identify it. I didn't know it, sorry.

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      See the comments on the youtube page.

    2. There's music on the show??

      1. She's a judge on the latest Iron Chef America (mussels) We are see a lot more of the Canadians on FN since CC started.

        1. I don't recognize the tune, but if you watch the crawl at the end of the show, there most likely will be a credit for the music.

          1. "Horribly irritating"?

            I can't stand the track on that show.....honestly if I watch it I mute the TV and check the recipes online if something interests me.

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                Wow and I came to the site LOOKING for the music she plays - it always makes me feel like I am in a Bistro in Paris!