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May 15, 2011 10:26 AM

Help! Pinellas County Dinning with an infant

My husband and I will be making the trip across the bay to stay in Treasure Island this week (Wednesday-Saturday) and are looking for recomendations of places to eat dinner that are "kid friendly". So we know a lot of places we will not be going cause we would really hate to disturbe any other diners just incase our little angel is not on her best behavior. We like just about everything and she will eat just about anything as well but we are of course looking for seafood and we will have a car so driving is really not an issue. We just really want to enjoy ourselves (1st vacation in 2 years and husbands birthday/belated mothers day trip) but not at the expense of others! Thanks

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  1. By all means go to Middle Grounds on Treasure Island. The food is great- nice fresh fish. You seem conscientious of your daughter's mood so I bet it would be fine.

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      I have been to middle ground several years ago and from what I remember it was pretty nice so I didn't even consider it but I did see they had a kids menu so hey what the heck :) I do get a little overly conscientious over the little one cause I know (especially with the economy being what it is) when my husband used to go out for our once a month dinners when we saved all month and there were kids there being kids it was annoying. But of course if ours acts a fool out the door we go with a doggie bag!

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        That is the same way we were when ours was little. It resulted in a child who behaved in restaurants and will eat anything. I only had to get everything wrapped up twice and she realized it was more fun to behave and stay "out".

    2. If you are willing to drive up to Northern Pinellas County, Rusty Bellies in Tarpon Springs is kid friendly and has awesome seafood. They provide coloring books and crayons for the kids that are a bit older. My brother and his wife brought their 8 month old had no issues.

      1. I think there's a Howard Johnson's on 19 and 60.

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          Crabby Bills also usually has tons of kids.

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            I noticed that about Crabby Bills the one time I ate there, lots of kids. It's pretty loud so I doubt a child would get noticed even if he/she threw the tantrum of the century.

            On the downside, you are eating at Crabby Bills ...

            Crabby Bills
            7675 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

            1. re: redfish62

              I would not recommend CB to anyone, regardless of how many kids they had.

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                i have to say that i'm not a big fan of unruly kids in a restaurant when i chose to dine out. if i'm spending $100 on a meal, it kind of ruins the experience for me if there is a screaming child throwing food, kids running around bumping into waiters carrying heavy trays of hot food, or kids running up to my table and grabbing food or drink off my table. that was my reason for recommending crabby bill's. there are tons of kids there, and no one is going to notice one more screaming kid. i appreciate the fact that the OP does not want her child to impose on other diners.