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May 15, 2011 09:48 AM

Kosher near grand canyon

Has anyone been by the grand canyon recently? Are the only kosher food options still Las Vegas or Phoenix / Scottsdale or are there any closer options e.g. Chabad etc.?

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  1. I think Las Vegas or Phoenix are going to be the closest spots -

    1. We took a hotel room near the south rim with a microwave and fridge and brought a cooler of stuff from home. There are foldable packable coolers (Costco sells one) or you can buy one of those styrofoam coolers in the supermarket if you are flying in and you can buy food and heat it up in your room.

      It gets AMAZINGLY hot there (as well as LV and PHX) in the summer. Make sure not to leave any food in your car outside of a cooler and make sure to drink enough.

      1. There is a Chabad of Flagstaff with kosher advance meal ordering options

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          1. There are also coolers that you plug in to the car's cigarette lighter. Really useful for this kind of trip. You take it into the motel room and plug it into the wall outlet overnight.

            And you can go to almost any good-sized supermarket, and get cottage cheese, tuna, cream cheese, bread, etc. Sometimes just eating what is available where you are is very liberating. You spend your time looking at the National Parks, instead of driving out of your way to a kosher restaurant.

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              Adina, I agree with your thoughts in general, but kosher bread will be hard to find in Flagstaff. If you're flying into Phoenix you should pick up bread and other essentials there before you drive north to the canyon.

              1. re: avitrek

                Good point. OP will eat better it s/he plans ahead. Alhough even in Flagstaff there will be a market with OU crackers, tuna and mayo - and paper plates.

                1. re: avitrek

                  Does Flagstaff not have regular supermarkets? I would imagine they have some national bread brands --Arnold, etc.--with hecschers.

                  1. re: DeisCane

                    Arnold is not even close to a national brand. In many places kosher bread is simply not available.

                    1. re: zsero

                      Yes, bread is still surprisingly regional, and one can't find ordinary kosher sandwich bread in large parts of the USA. Frozen stuff (Lender's bagels, Thomas' English Muffins), wraps/tortillas, crackers, and sometimes pitas can be other options, and all of those but the pitas are available everywhere I've ever been in the US.

                      1. re: GilaB

                        I don't think it's so surprising, actually. Bread is best when fresh (obviously), so it's a product that is best made as locally as possible, and not shipped or trucked very far from the plants where it is made. Because of that, in areas where there are not Jewish/kosher-keeping communities, there is very little reason for a company to A) spend the money to have a kashrut agency come to give a hashgacha or B) ship their hechshered bread very far from its plant.

                        And this is why it's far easier to find frozen bagels and English muffins and the like with a hechsher than fresh bread.

                    2. re: DeisCane

                      In some regions (like mine) even Arnold's doesn't print a hecksher on their package. I called and they said it was regional. weird.

                      1. re: Kosher Carnivore

                        Do you mean they don't print the hechsher, or do you actually mean that the bread in certain regions is not hechshered? I would assume the latter is true if there is no hechsher on the package, again because of what I wrote above.

                        1. re: queenscook

                          I contacted Arnold's when I first moved to California many years ago and they told me that on the west coast their bread is not kosher. On the other hand I often buy Oroweat hamburger buns that have the hashgacha printed on the close tab because they make it in different locations. I actually have to go through the shelf to look for kosher buns.

                      2. re: DeisCane

                        New Frontiers Health Food in Flagstaff carries Rudi's Bakery breads. Star K Pareve. There is also a Target store with Sarah Lee Products.

                        1. re: mamaleh

                          Target brand bagels are kosher in SoCal but they are not all that good. So is the cream cheese.

                        2. re: DeisCane

                          Arnold's is not kosher on the west coast. We have something similar to Wonderbread, called "Bimbo," made by the Mexican company that now owns Entemann's and Sara Lee.

                          I make fluffernutters (peanut butter and mashmallow fluff) sandwiches when we go places where there is nothing to buy. Not my taste but they do not need to be refrigerated and the kids like them.

                          There are also many brands of tortillas that are kosher. Mission tortillas are kosher on the west coast. Throw a flour tortilla in the microwave or on a barbecue and make a wrap.

                          In addition to Target (where the store brand of yogurt is kosher, at least in California!) Wal-Mart is a good place to find stuff like Bimbo bread and tortillas. They also sell disposable BBQ grills preloaded with enough charcoal for one barbecue. We brought hot dogs from home (for safety sake buy the kind that are pre-cooked) and made hotdogs one night someplace in Utah. We had buns but a flour tortilla would be yummy. (Just watch the calorie count: tortillas are like matza in that they are not as filling as bread but are high in calories.)

                          PS In some areas pita bread is kept in the refrigerator.

                          1. re: SoCal Mother

                            Bimbo (beeem bo) is on the east coast too .Infact they are now the sponsorers of the Phila Uninon soccer team.
                            Mission totrillas are kosher here too and are so yummy around turkey dogs.:)

                            1. re: SoCal Mother

                              I was at the Grand Canyon this year. 1 trip to Trader Joe's and 1 trip to another local supermarket got me a foam cooler and everything that I needed. TJ's has several varieties of kosher pareve bread, and you should be able to find a TJ's near the airport/on the way. Map the locations out before you leave.

                              1. re: SoCal Mother

                                Wal-Mart is a great place to find kosher certified products, even in areas without a Jewish community. I've bought Kedem kiddush wine, BaTampte pickles, veggie burgers, bread, cheese, packaged turkey, yogurt. Was even at one Wal-Mart Supercenter where most of the packaged bakery items were OU-D. It all looked surprisingly similar to Entenmann's.. could have been just packaged under the WM name.