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May 15, 2011 09:28 AM

Wedding venue in Toronto

Hello fellow Chowhounders,

I'll be getting married later this summer/fall and am looking for the right venue.

We will either have a sit down dinner for about 25 to 30 or we will have a cocktail party for about 70. Our budget is mid range - my biggest concern is good food. It would be lovely if the venue had an appropriate space for vows but if not we may do these at City Hall anyway.

I'm looking for a venue that is convenient (downtown), reasonably priced but not low end (particular emphasis on the food), and attractive (not run down).

If anyone has any suggestions, I would very gratefully receive them.

Many thanks

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  1. I am getting married this summer at the St. Lawrence Market Kitchen. The venue is really beautiful, and has a raised mezzanine area with these beautiful arch windows, where we plan on doing the ceremony.

    The cost is $1200 for a Saturday night. We can bring our own caterer and our own alcohol, which really cuts down on price. The site has all of the amenities required to serve a meal, including multiple ovens, large fridges, designated bar area, and pretty stylish tables and chairs.

    We chose Noble Culinary Creations as our caterer. Tina from Noble has been great to work with. They really take care of everything for you, from rentals to staff to decorations. We`re doing a four-course dinner for about 40, with another 40 coming for gourmet junk food dance party. We tasted everything and it was simply fantastic!

    As a fellow foodie, there`s really no where better to get married in Toronto than the St. Lawrence Market Kitchen.

    St. Lawrence Market
    92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

    Noble Culinary
    127 Manville Rd, Toronto, ON M1L, CA

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      How many people does the Kitchen hold? For sit down or for cocktail?

      1. re: bringonthelbs

        They said about 100 for cocktails. For a sit-down meal, I don't think I would go above 60.

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