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May 15, 2011 09:10 AM

Haute Wheels report

robirdstx from eG and I met up at Haute Wheels yesterday and had a good time. Weather was incredible but the lines got impossibly long. We left after three hours because we were looking at more than an hour wait to get another bite. I see on their website they've cut off ticket sales and will not sell tickets at the door today in order to try and rein in the long lines.

She has posted a report on eG:

If that link doesn't work, it's the lunch - what'd you have thread in the Cooking forum, page 23, starting at post #668!!! Yep. They have ridiculously long threads over there, too.

Warning: there are a lot of pictures, in her post and in the thread.

We didn't get to eat at Oh My Gogi, the one I was most interested in trying that I haven't sampled. Of the others I tasted, Rolling Hunger seemed very promising; I'll have to check them out again. Good Dog also looked very good; I'll try to hunt them down the next time I get a craving for a hotdog.

I only had the mediocre Belgian fries, a hush puppy and the mini quesadilla so I was still hungry so later I went to the newest truck in my area, a New Orleans po-boy cart using a mini streetcar, Cooper's Po Boy Express. It was my second visit and I tried the roast beef. It wasn't as good as the best in town (Calliope, followed by BB's) but it's only 5 minutes from my door so that counts for something. The bread is like what's used at Antone's. I've had the hot sausage poboy using Danton's hot sausage from Bogalusa before and it was better than this. I did not order the cheese - they stuck it on there but didn't charge me for it. I'm going to do a full report on my blog.

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  1. I enjoyed the festival, but there are some logistical kinks to work out I think. Next year, if possible, they should at least double the number of trucks. Not only would more choices be welcome, but the lines and wait-times needed thinning out as they were just too long almost across the board. I go to try Phamily Bites' shrimp/pork egg rolls, Hit N Run's burger and Taqueria La Luz's Mexican Hot Dog. I loved the egg rolls and the burger. The hot dog was good, but not great. Adding hot sauce to it helped it out a good deal. I did, however, appreciate not having to wait at Taqueria La Luz, so the hot dog seemed even better for that reason.

    I also had the cake balls from Angie's Cakes. They were delicious, but heavy. I split an order of 3 and I'm not sure I could eaten much else if I'd eaten all 3 by myself.