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May 15, 2011 08:35 AM

12 people, casual & inexpensive sit down, between Hartsdale/Croton...?

I'm getting some people together for a casual dinner on a Friday night before a wedding reception. There will be 12 of us and we need a place that will take reservations. Pizza's the obvious answer, but another option would be casual American-- maybe pub/bar type food with sandwiches. Due to the wide range of preferences/issues we need to stick to Italian or American and I want to go as un-greasy/heavy as possible since we'll be pigging out the next day. No more than, say, $20 a person. Help!

So far, we've thought of.....
Mina's in Ardsley- decent food & pizza, convenient for people, though doesn't seem great for a group due to layout/noise
Villagio in Hartsdale- also decent pizza, nicer seating area
Frankie and Fanucci's in Hartsdale- good pizza, cute, parking maybe an issue

We're willing to go anywhere from Croton down to Hartsdale (so Frank Pepe's is out ,much to my mom's dismay). What about the pub type places in White Plains? I haven't been to any of them lately. Where can we get good pizza or sandwiches to satisfy this crew inexpensively? THANKS!

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  1. How about Gaetano's in Croton (just north of the Montrose-Buchanan exit)? They do family style Italian very reasonably, have plenty of space, and the food is really good. There are two separate dining areas, one upstairs and the other downstairs. Different vibe in each.

    There is karaoke on Fridays, not sure when it starts, but that might be a plus for your group. If not, you won't hear it in the other part of the restaurant.

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      Thanks elisa. Since I posted, I've gotten the sense that we might be outvoted by the southern Westchester contingency in terms of location and that Croton may be a bit too far north. The karaoke is tempting though............ I'll mention it.

    2. Village Social KItchen in Mt Kisco fits your bill to a "T", they also make some nice individual pizzas as well;

      BTW, Frank Pepe's is only ONE exit further down the Sprain than is Hartsdale!

      1. We just had a work related dinner at Casaletto's in Elmsford. There were 12 of us and we chose it based on price, food and central location. They have a room set off from the rest of the restaurant that has a large square table for 12. Service and food were excellent. There were many specials offered in addition to what was on the menu. In fact, I think everyone had one of the specials.

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          Looks like an interesting place, but I notice the price point is about double the per person amount the OP asked for.

          It's hard to find sit down place and keep the price under $25!

        2. I just wanted to update. We ended up at Frankie and Fanucci's with our large group and it really was perfect. The one snag is that while they accept call-aheads for large groups they refuse to "guarantee" a table at a specific time a la a reservation. We were a little worried we'd be waiting around but our table was ready exactly when we had asked... so I wish they would just call it a reservation!

          Anyway, it perfectly fit our requirements otherwise. The salads are made for sharing and really reasonably priced. Five salads were enough for all of us to have a large serving. We shared four large pizzas and three personal pizzas and it was the perfect amount for us. One of the reasons I like their pizza is because it is pretty light and not greasy. I wasn't paying, so I'm not positive, but I suspect it came in under $20 a person, even with drinks.

          Some of the older folks thought it was too loud, but I thought it was lively and fun, and we probably contributed a lot to that noise! We had one waitress who was excellent.