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May 15, 2011 05:12 AM

Pasta Machines which to choose?

I am about to invest in a pasta machine and would like some advice. I know Imperia are well known in this field and I will probably get one 2nd hand off ebay. But my question is this. Is there much difference between named brands and none named ones?

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  1. Do you have a stand mixer? I got a stand-alone roller for my kitchenaid... its a lot easier having a motor power the roller than doing it by hand - you've got to feed those sheets through many many times to get the gluten developed.

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      Oh, I so agree with you. I love the fact that the KA attachment is at least a foot off the counter. Definitely gotta go with electric so that you can have two hands to guide the dough. I occasionally still cut the dough after rolling on my Atlas because I bought some shapes that I like very much. But that last step is such a drag after the easy rolling. More offen than not, I just use the KA fettucine cutter because it's so easy.

    2. if you get one, get the motor also.

      1. I would say I make pasta with my Atlas a couple times a month average, and I would not spend the money for a motor. I also wouldn't spend it until I knew I would be making pasta with some frequency. Now if I was making it every day in significant quantities it would be a different story. (I make my dough in the food processor and after resting I don't find that it has to be fed through that many times.)