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May 15, 2011 05:06 AM

Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi in Paris

Has anyone taken any courses or have any feedback on the EGF in Paris? I found a class I would really like to take but I am not a professional chef - just someone who knows her way around the kitchen.

This school came up when I was doing a bit of online research, but if anyone can recommend a serious cooking school in France (does not have to be Paris) where one could do a stage for a week to one month I would be very grateful.


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  1. Hello marsprincess, did you receive any response yet. I am really interested in their bakery and pastry CAP programs, please Chow community, give us any hints or insider tips. Thanks a lot!

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    1. re: pasticcino

      I found this fantastic review online from Girl Cook in Paris

      and upon a little more research I have found that CAP and SUP programmes are offered all over France - not as prestigious, but available. Granted, the vast majority are targeted at teenagers who are at the beginning of their careers and want to get the credentials.

      I was looking more for a stage than the full-blown course so probably won't go for this.

      1. re: marsprincess

        Wow, that's absolutely brilliant!

        thanks a lot indeed
        Let's keep in touch!