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May 14, 2011 10:17 PM

Izakaya M in Sherman Oaks is Open

didn't get a chance to really eat there but it looks like they are open now. seems to be a bit of a mix between some small plates of meat, robata, and sushi. i'm looking forward to trying it soon. nice to have something like this in the neighborhood.

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  1. It's always nice to see a new restaurant in the Valley even if it sadly replaces an old one. Located next to La Cava in Sherman Oaks in the old Yoshi shabu shabu space, Izakaya M offers a blend of sushi, robata, cooked Japanese and some Korean dishes. The space was cozy though quite noisy. It was packed for only being open three days. Four of us shared meat and veggie skewers, hamachi sashimi, firecracker shrimp, bibimbap (Korean mixed meat and veggies with a fried egg- very tasty), shrimp and veggie tempura and an odd combo of salmon/caprese roll. We also had beer and wine and the total was just over $100. The food was great although a little sauce heavy which I will just ask to leave off the next time. The service was great and there is valet parking in the back. I wish though that all restaurants would think ahead to have their website up and running by the time they open. I couldn't even remember the name of the place and called La Cava to ask. Even they had to walk outside to look. So I have no info on hours and days etc. although we were there on a Sunday night. I will definitely go back.

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      Izakaya M is from the same operators as Midori all you can eat sushi.
      The exact address is 13573 Ventura Blvd., NE corner of Ventura Canyon, not the one shown in the OP, which is the one owned by Katsuya Uechi of Katsuya fame.
      I believe the phone number is 818.995.1660.
      Stark and stunning exterior decor that immediately attracts your attention when driving the boulevard, especially eastbound.