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May 14, 2011 10:09 PM

El Salchichero on Ingalls - anyone been yet?

Well, we plan on visiting Santa Cruz again this summer (you've been warned!), and I recall a charcuterie place that was in the process of setting up a few doors down from Kelly's on Engalis. I didn't find anything on Chow regarding this place, so I yelped (sorry for the transgression), and found sterling reviews of the place called, "El Salchichero Charcuterie." I'm wondering if anyone has dropped by here yet and would appreciate any thoughts. A loaf of bread (Kelly's), a jug of wine (okay, a 750 ml or three from Santa Cruz Winery, Bonny Doon or the other half-dozen wineries there) and thee would be great if we can grab some nice drink-friendly meats as well. Thanks...

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  1. Definitely worth a stop. El Salchichero's delicious sausages and some fresh meats are also at several of the farmer's markets (Santa Cruz, Live Oak and Scotts Valley), but there is more variety at the store on Swift St. Chris LaVeque is at the helm and is doing a great job creating innovative charcuterie using local sources. The website lists what's available each week.

    El Salchichero
    402 Ingalls St #5, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    1. Having coffee with a friend at Kelly's in January, we'd ambled over to the nearly completed storefront to see if we could divine what manner of beast this charcuterie we'd been hearing rumors about might be. The door was ajar and we could poke our heads in to get a better look. When we saw what looked like a curing room, we were struck by the level of ambition. Subsequently, I've heard good things from friends who live locally, so it was a treat to have a chance to try for myself.

      Last week I bought some sausages: California chorizo, Morcilla de Burgos, and Peros Calientes to be part of a mixed grill. The morcilla (blood sausage) were 15% off as the Halloween special. They knocked me out, so delicious. Also loved the California chorizo with its multi-nuanced seasonings, hewing closer to Spanish chorizo in style rather than Mexican. The peros calientes (hot dogs) had natural casings and were well-spiced, but just a shade too sweet for me and not well-emulsified. My guests were suitably impressed and were making plans to stop by the shop soon themselves.