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May 14, 2011 08:08 PM

Great places to eat between Montgomery, AL and Destin, FL?

My husband and I will be driving to Destin, FL in a couple weeks. We live in Nashville and used to live in Birmingham but have never been farther south than that. We are planning on traveling Highway 331 from Montgomery to Destin and would love any suggestions on places to eat along the way. Ideally we'd like to find a hidden gem that's off the beaten path (we're not on a very tight schedule and don't mind driving a few miles here or there) that serves food that really defines the area.

My husband, an Australian who will eat virtually anything, just wants to experience the True American South. I am a bit more picky, and am rather skittish when it comes to meat and 3's (I know... I'm living in the wrong part of the country) because everything seems overcooked and mushy to me. But I'm willing to give somewhere a shot if you guys tell me it's worth it. We'd love to find somewhere that captures the true flavor of the South, both literally and figuratively. With your recommendations, dives/holes in the wall are A-Ok with us. :)

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  1. We've been driving this way 1-2 times a year for the last 20 years. Sometimes we just take sandwiches. We do stop at It Don't Matter in Highland Home or Annies in Luverne but that is probably not what you are looking for if you don't like meat&3s. We have sort of sentimental attachments to them. There are a few BBQ places along the way as well.

    When you get to Defuniak, one of my favorite places is H&M Hot Dog. Great hamburgers as well, cooked to order. They only have about 5 seats at a counter and I think some outdoors but not sure about that-There are picnic tables but I don't know if they belong to them. This would be my pick because they do what they do so well.

    We used to like the Busy Bee but either it hasn't been open or closed for good, changing ownership,but when we have caught them open they have been good.
    The best fried green tomatoes(pan fried as opposed to deep fried which allows the tomato sugars to caramelize) I have had were at Murry's.
    Bogey's is also good at the Hotel Defuniack. Make sure you drive around the lake.

    In Freeport I have heard good things about TJ's table but haven't been myself.
    A little further down the road about 10(?) miles west of Freeport on 20 is Nicks. It is old school fried fish but delicious.

    In Destin, your prospects get a little better. Try Dewey Destin Seafood. The hushpuppies are great as is the seafood. They have 2 locations now.

    It Don't Matter
    18700 Montgomery Hwy, Highland Home, AL 36041

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      Thank you so much for your suggestions! We are spending the night in B'ham and will wander our way down south tomorrow. We are planning our stops based on everyone's suggestions and are very excited about it! Another "disinterested" third party recommended Dewey's Seafood in Destin, so that has become a required destination. Can't wait! Thanks so much for your feedback!

    2. Check out Hook's BBQ in Opp.

      Hook's Barbecue @ 601 Highway 331 S, Opp, AL 334 - 493 - 4060.

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        Sounds perfect! We're planning on stopping by on our way through. Looking forward to some great barbecue.

        Thanks so much for your suggestion!