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May 14, 2011 07:59 PM

Anyone visited Slow Food University and Ristorante Guido?

Wondering if anyone has been to Ristorante Guideo at Albergo Agenzia?

or checked out the Slow Food University?

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  1. No, but here's some background: There are two restaurants called Guido in Piedmont, one in Pollenzo, one at Eataly in Turin, both run by sons of Guido Alciati, whose own eponymous restaurant in Costigliole d'Asti, opened in 1951, was run by his widow Lidia until 2002.

    Guido is, at the least, Italian and associated with SlowFood; it also has a Michelin star. It has to be a better choice than Castello di Sinio, run by Americans for Americans.

    1. Yes, I did a Piemonte wine course at the University and ate at Guido while I was there. What do you want to know? It is very upscale, great wine list.... in all brutal honesty I was a bit disappointed with some of the dishes. Maybe my expectations were a bit high. Service impeccable, however.

      1. I checked out the Bancadelvino (see nice tastings off all the important wine-regions of Italy. Ristorante Da Guido was a little bit disappointing in price/quality. Better option is to go to the home of slowfood italia: Trattoria Il Boccondivino - Bra (10 minutes by car)

        Via Entella,18, Chiavari, Liguria 16043, IT

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          I totally agree with Boccondivino. Best panna cotta I've ever had in all of Italy, and I've been living here for 4 years and they throw around a lot of panna cotta here.

          Best meal in the area however was made by chef Maurizio Quaranta of La Speranza restaurant in Farigliano. I must admit the meal was not at this restaurant, but rather cooked by him in a winemaker's house. It was pretty unbelievable. Whole grain gnocchi in an 8 month aged gorgonzola sauce, still memorable today over a year later. Perfect for the dolcettos we were drinking. Then veal and a hazelnut pudding with cocoa. If his restaurant is anything like his cooking that one night, it will be phenomenal.

          Via Entella,18, Chiavari, Liguria 16043, IT