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May 14, 2011 07:35 PM

Plymouth Meeting/Conshohocken/Collegeville Bars with Live Music for Dancing

We will be celebrating a birthday for my sister's boyfriend next week and I would appreciate recommendations for a bar or restaurant featuring live music and/or a dj where they also have a dance floor. We went to Hotel Fiesole in Skippack a few weeks ago and that was fun, but the band was not good for dancing.

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  1. I dj at The Great American Pub (Conshy) on Saturdays. There isn't an actual dance floor, per se, but there are 3 floors, and alot of room to dance. Every weekend I've been there, people have danced to their hearts content. I take requests too so you will definitely be able to dance to something. I'm located on the 3rd floor by the pizza kitchen....

    Please be aware that most of the music will be current top-40ish music, but I also throw in a variety of different genres (funk, disco, 80s, 90s etc). Just come up and let me know what you want to hear if you decide to come.

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      Thanks - we actually changed our plans for this weekend and are heading to New Hope instead. Fayette Grille was totally booked for this Saturday night. When we do make it to Conshy, we will definitely stop by The Pub for drinks, music and dancing.

    2. The Bridgeport Ribhouse in Bridgeport, PA usually has some great bands.

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        Thanks, Spice Mistress. I have been wanting to check out The Rib House for sometime. I am a huge fan of Get The Led Out and I know some of the band members hang out there often. Will check it out one night soon.

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          A second on the Ribhouse. I was there in March for Franny Beecher night (89-year-old last surviving member of Bill Haley and his Comets) when he performed with Bill Haley Jr. Aside from seeing music history come alive, the food was great and very reasonable. Its one of those places you can pass a hundred times and never try because it looks so unassuming. Very friendly, great food and music.

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            Thanks!! Will add to my list when we hit the Conshy area again. I worked in that area until last November. Up in Coopersburg now, so closer to The Promenade Shops @ Center Valley. Some great restaurants there. Pacifico has a Caribbean band tonight. May check that out if it looks like rain and save New Hope for a night when the sun is shining. Right now it's beautiful outside.