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May 14, 2011 07:30 PM

Parkside American Grille, Harleysville

Very pleasantly surprised to find a new menu at Parkside tonight when we took our grandsons there for dinner. Menu is now divided into Parkside favorites, pasta dishes, salads and other entrees. They have also added Fruit Smoothies to the Kids Menu. Our oldest grandson, Gavin, had a strawberry smoothie and it was so good, I may take rum with me next time and transform mine into a frozen strawberry daiquiri adult beverage. This BYOB went thru a chef change recently and based on their new menu, weeknight offerings of free wine, sangria and beer as well as appetizer specials, I think they are definitely back on track again. The owner made a point of going around to every table to make sure they were enjoying dinner - haven't noticed this nice touch on previous visits.

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  1. Thanks for the update on Parkside. I will now give them another try!

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      thanks...and CS..I will await your review before making a decision on a visit....the menu online doesn't look much different

    2. I had given up on Parkside. Menu always looked great but was never really satisfied with my meal or service there. Meat was always overcooked, etc. Had a number of bad service meals there as well. Thanks for the info curly girl- we will give it another shot.

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        You're welcome DRDeats. If you are unhappy with anything or have suggestions, I would let the owners know. I have e-mailed them with several suggestions and comments. As a resident of Harleysville, I would really like to see it succeed. I love eating on the decks on nice evenings and my grandsons have fun feeding the ducks after dinner. Please let me know if you go.