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May 14, 2011 05:24 PM

Thoughts about Kitchenaid dual-fuel convection double oven range?

Hi everyone,
I've posted before about appliance woes in our early 60s kitchen. It has caused a great deal of stress and indecision, but, after a lot of hand-wringing, we're going for a freestanding range/oven that can be incorporated once we have saved enough $$ for a full kitchen reno in a couple of years. (Despite the damage that will be done to our current, ancient cabinetry, this is the best option.)

At our local appliance store, I was impressed by the Kitchenaid Dual Fuel Convection oven (KDRS505Xss):
The price was good (about $1730) compared to similar products by other brands that offered dual fuel, which I was hoping to get, but also convection, which I didn't require but which was a nice bonus.

However, as I look online, there aren't very many reviews....The only reviews that stand out are two negative reviewers who've posted all over the place (one about a design flaw and one about the smaller top oven burning everything). Obviously I don't want either of these things in my future range!

I'm now hesitant, and hoping for some advice from the reliable CH posters; I'm not sure whether these reviewers might be extremely picky (as they should be, having spent almost $2K on a new range), nuts, perhaps incompetent cooks, or totally reasonable consumers who represent the experiences of most. There just isn't a large enough sampling of reviews for me to know which is which.

If anyone has any experiences with this kind of range, with Kitchenaid ranges, Kitchenaid products in general (which I thought had a great reputation, but I could be wrong), or, of course, feedback about this product in general, I would greatly appreciate it!!

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  1. Hey, I'm also in the market for a good double oven range (30 inch free standing). Spend a lot of time in stores and online. I was originally looking at the KGRS505XSS (, basically same as the one you're looking at, but all gas, not dual fuel.

    I love everything about it except the small cook top. Those burners are only 8 inches apart front to back, so you really can't put two medium or larger pans/pots on one side unless they are both very small. Most other brands have cook tops 9 inches apart, a few even 10 inches. That one extra inch really seems to make a difference. I believe this would affect all the Kitchenaid/Maytag/Whirlpool ranges that have that 45deg angled burner control panel. I also thought the very front of the grates were sloped such that any pan not centered well on the front would tip. I'd recommend you look at it in person at a store, perhaps even borrow a few pans on display there and try them out. If this doesn't seem to be an issue for your cooking style, then I as a non-owner, I think it's great.

    1. We are looking at this one too! What did you decide in the end IndyGirl? The issue I have with the double oven is how low the big one is. How ridiculous would it be to lift a turkey from that height not to mention any larger dish using a heavy roaster?

      Kitchen Aid was recommended to us by a well know high end appliance store here as an alternative to the Viking or Wolf priced ranges. Got an A+ by many there. We just need to decide if we want to go double oven or single with warming drawer.