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May 14, 2011 04:14 PM

Good Places for Spanish Ham?

Hi all,

We will be in Paris for 6 days in May/June, and we have a lot of tasty places booked (thanks to chow hound!). We are, in my opinion, going to be too close to Spain to not get some Spanish ham. We don't want to take the train into Spain, so we are looking for some good places to go in Paris to get the best Spanish ham.

So, my question to you is... What are some good places in Paris to get the best Spanish ham (jamon iberico, etc.)


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  1. Bellota Bellota ( has a shop/restaurant in the 7eme just off rue Saint- Dominique. The always have three or four hams available representing a range of the best quality Spanish hams (Pata Negra). You can buy to take away of eat in the simple restaurant/cafe - they do great selection plates that allow you to sample. Another one is "Da Rosa" but IMO not as good.

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      On the other side of the city,but in a different kind of neighbourhood from the 7th, Aux Deux Amis on the rue Oberkampf does a great plate of artisinal Spanish ham that they serve scattered with grilled almonds. The wines are top too.

    2. There's also the food market at Galeries Lafayette/Haussmann where you can do a Spanish ham lunch/snack.

      1. Aside from the already mentioned places, there is another Bellota-Bellota in the 8th (rue François-Ier or nearby).
        A recently opened shop: Terres de Bellota, rue du Cardinal-Lemoine (facing La Tour d'Argent).
        Sur les Quais: a shop inside the covered market Marché Beauvau on place d'Aligre. Wonderful épicerie fine, with spices, oils, condiments, etc., but especially Greek poutargue and Spanish cured meats: hams, chorizos, salsichones and the rare cecina (dried cured beef).

        Now quite a few bistrots seem to propose bellota ham, keep an eye open. Just remember that some hams from the other side of the border are also really good (jambon de coche, jambon de porc basque Kintoa, porc noir de Bigorre...)

        Vivant (rue de Paradis) sometimes has a quite delicious cooked pata negra ham, raised in Spain but processed in Italy.

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          Once again, I need to "favorite" this thread to save these good addresses. Thanks, all.

        2. In addition to the above mentioned places, there is also Oteiza on Bd Saint Michel as well as other locations that has excellent hams including Iberico, Bellota Bellota in the 7th has a 4 year old one that is really wonderful.