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May 14, 2011 03:00 PM

Nashville- big group- Broadway

We will be there over Memorial day for a baseball tournament- friend that lvies there recommends goign to broadway and either trying Wild Horse Cafe or Merhcants- not lookin gfor fine dining but a fun place with decent food- I know that Buffett plays on that Saturday night- any other suggestions for a big group- possibly 30 -boys are 16

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  1. There are definitely lots of choices in and around Broadway, although I'm not sure I'd recommend Merchants for your group. The food is great, but it's more of a fine dining establishment than I would guess you're looking for. Pretty pricey if you're trying to feed a group of teenage boys.

    Never been to the Wild Horse Cafe, but it seems like little more than a tourist location (which may be exactly what you want). If that's what you're after there's also a Hard Rock Cafe right off Broadway. There's BB King's in the area, and any number of barbecue restaurants on Broadway that would fit the bill. There's Bailey's sports bar, which isn't going to offer great cuisine, but a fun atmosphere and decent enough food for teenage boys to fill up on. You might also want to look at Joe's Crab Shack or Big River Grille. Neither one is going to set your culinary world on fire, but they serve tasty enough food, can accommodate large parties, and provide a fun setting that your group would probably enjoy without putting too much of a dent in the wallet, relatively speaking since these are all restaurants in the heart of the downtown district.

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      We found 2 places that will take a group- Las Palmas and Pie in the sky- it wokrs for our group b/c we like to all be together. We will go down to Broadway and check out the street party that i found out about- Buffet will be in town on Saturday night.