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May 14, 2011 02:27 PM

Strip Italian or Steak

Heading to vegas with husband in June for 4 nights. Based on a tonne of reading from the boards already, we've narrowed down our list (thank you!).

Here's the "problem" - I would love to do great Italian, but we've done Babbo, and I'm almost afraid of anything else being a complete disappointment. Would rather pasta based, than fish based.

Lacking the Italian option, I think that steak is next on the list. Looking for dark, romantic atmosphere, not bright white (Delmonico's, I'm looking at you!). Most anyone can cook a steak, but there is certain attitude that should come with it.

(ETA) - Fun French would also fit the bill...if steak is silly.

We don't want spend Atelier money, more like Sage money on the dinner. We're staying at the Aria if that's any help.

Thanks guys!

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  1. B&B at Venetian is by Batali, similar to Babbo.

    Scarpetta at Aria has excellent pastas you're looking for.

    Steakhouse decor to your preference may be Prime at Bellagio.

    Carnevino at Palazzo, also by Batali, is a great option for steak and pasta.