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May 14, 2011 01:51 PM

castle hill, newport-worth it?

coming for memorial weekend and having brunch at castle hill, is it worth it?

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  1. The view is worth a lot - brunches are rarely worth what is charged. If it's the buffet, it's plentiful and the quality will be as good as a buffet gets (read that however, you want to). If the weather is good, it's a spectacular place to hang out.

    1. Depends what you consider "worth it". We went there this past summer, stayed for a couple of nights and had dinner once and breakfast twice. We were very impressed with the food, the view is amazing. We would definitely eat there again if in the neighborhood. We did not have brunch, but if it's anything like the breakfast offerings I would say give it a go.

      1. You are basically paying for the view...the food IS good,and the wine selection is good, also. I am a native Rhode Islander aging boomer, and after all these years, I am STILL not jaded by the beauty of the Rhode Island coastline...I go there for lunch a couple times a summer and WOULD recommend it.

        1. I agree with the other responses. The food is solid (though I am not big on buffets) and the view can't be beat. Take time to walk the grounds down by the lighthouse while you are there.