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May 14, 2011 01:29 PM

Your favourite Farmer's Markets and vendors?

I happened to be in Burlington yesterday and went to a Farmer's market set up in the parking lot of a mall and got some fresh local asparagus! YUM!

I would love to try several over the summer while fresh local produce is available...

What is your favourite Farmer's Market and do you have a favourite vendor there?

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  1. The market at the Brickworks is excellent, but pricey...lots of delicious prepared food too. The Dufferin Grove one is more down-to-earth with nice character. The Market in Weston is a good local market, not a real destination, but it features Grandpa Ken's peameal bacon sandwiches. They are great. It also tends to be a lot cheaper, partly due to its location/neighbourhood.
    Here's a link of the current Farmers' Markets for the Toronto area:

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      Great link. Must update my downtown market map for 2011...! -- food. is. love.

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          I love the Dufferin Grove market. It has such a nice atmosphere, and the selection is great. Plus it runs year-round.

        2. Long timer's will remember Jens and Anse(sp?) who ran Marvelous Edible's restaurant on Laird, they shut down a couple years ago and moved to a farm near Owen Sound. They are now coming to market (alternating weekly between the Brickworks and Wychwood) with fresh farm produce (this week they had aspaagus and lettuce and more) as well as some really nice pork products.

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            It's Jens and Ayse. They had the farm while running the sadly missed Marvellous Edibles and were supplying both the restaurant and their market stall at Bloor-Borden Farmers' Market. Happy to hear they're now at Brick Works and Wychwood. Aside from their wonderful produce, they also make great pickles, preserves, and baked goods (Ayse is a pastry chef by trade, Jens a chef).

          2. My two main haunts are the St. Lawrence and the Brickworks. Here are a few of the spots that I tend to go to..

            - Fisherfolk (excellent fish and the person is really lovely!)
            - Scotch Mountain Meats (best bacon I have seen)
            - Cookstown Greens
            - The Fungui (?) the mushroom seller.

            I was there last weekend and also tried the caramels from Grant Street Caramels.. excellent!

            St Lawrence
            Inside - Sovereign Farms for tomatoes and the mushroom lady

            Outside - I wish I new the name... there is a fruit merchant on the east side just to the left of the south doors. They always carry the best strawberries and peaches!

            Monforte is in both locations, highly recommend Ruth's stuff is always amazing!

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              The mushroom dude calls himself the Funguy.
              Forbes Wild Foods does an interesting line of prepared foods with wild ingredients, as well as fresh produce that is foraged. Different wild mushrooms are available throughout the season sporadically. They had a good selection of ramps and fiddleheads Saturday. No morels, as they didn't think enough had come through on their sites to be harvested sustainably.
              Evelyn's Crackers makes a very nice selection of crackers made from different grains and flours that kick the backsides of Raincoast products.

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                True, Snarf, though I think the Mushroom Lady Otonabee refers to is W&T Mushroom. Vendor for vendor, Otonabee, those are my faves at the Farmers too.

            2. Anyone have any experience with the Distillery District market?

              Distillery District
              55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

              1. I vist Metro Hall (okay for office lunch) and Wychwood Barns (great!). Ali's Breads (same as at SLM) is my favourite. So delicious.