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May 14, 2011 08:03 AM

What's new, St. Louis?

My husband & I get to St. Louis about twice a year. Our next trip there (we live in the Peoria, IL area now) will be Memorial Day weekend. We love the city's wide variety of ethnic restaurants. Past great meals have been had at Meskerem Ethiopian, Arcelia's (:-(which we hear has since closed), Mai Lee Vietnamese, and India Palace (did it survive the tornado?). Friday night we plan on going to Everest Cafe with some friends (we've been for the lunch buffet before, and loved it!).

So, are there any NEW places we should try on this visit? We're NOT looking for Italian, Mexican or Bosnian.
Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. It's not "ethnic", but you would surely enjoy the newly-relocated Taste by Niche, on Laclede in the Central West End. It's adjacent to Brasserie by Niche (and formerly was located next to the original Niche). It's not high-end in terms of price like Niche; it features unique small plates and an incredible array of custom cocktails. You also might like Fritanga, a Nicaraguan restaurant on Jefferson, just south of I-44.

    2208 S Jefferson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63104

    Brasserie by Niche
    4580 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

    1. Highly recommend the following (check hours of course with the holiday):

      Farmhaus, wonderful blue plate specials for lunch (unlike any you have likely had before) and eclectic, whimisical dinner offerings - wonderful touch with seafood). Off I-44 and Arsenal.

      Winslow's Home, in the Delmar Loop area (though several blocks to the west), an eclectic home store with wonderful baked goods, breakfast items and sandwiches (the brisket is not to be missed and the best I have had


      BBQ: Pappy's has become legendary, but I like Bogart's Smokehouse in Soulard even better, great people, wonderful product, better sides, on the whole, than Pappy's. And the smoked prime rib

      Niche is wonderful, and on Mondays they are doing a farm dinner prix fixe for $30. Worth every penny. It's in Benton Park, near Lafayette Square.

      Let me know if you need more ideas. The St. Louis dining scene has improved considerably even in the 2 years since I moved here. While no one would mistake it for Chicago's scene, you can dine VERY well here, for a fraction of the price. There area also quite a few recent threads if you use the search function.

      3257 Ivanhoe Ave, St Louis, MO 63139

      1. Since you mentioned India Palace (the tornado hit the one-story industrial building next door, but did not damage the high rise hotel that contains the India Palace).

        I prefer Raj's Rasoi in Maryland Heights. No decor to speak of, but very flavorful food. Everything is vegetarian.