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May 14, 2011 07:52 AM

Spice Dragon... formerly Jae's Spice

My SO and I went to Spice Dragon last night, after hearing it had a soft opening the previous evening. We were specifically interested in the Spring Rolls and Shaken Beef that were on the Dragon's menu. The menu looked like a sampling of the old Dragon and Jae's Spice with sushi choices on the back. We were quite delighted with the Spring Rolls, not quite as good as Mom's but outstanding never the less. The rice paper was incredibly crispy with no residual oiliness. The Shaken Beef was better than I remember. Succulent, tender, juicy... none of the adjectives can describe how GOOD this dish was, the only detraction was the onions, which were not caramelized, as the menu stated, but stir fried. The service was nice and knowledgeable, food came within a reasonable time frame as well. Being the first official night they were open I was quite impressed. The restaurant was quite busy and everyone seemed as if they were having a good time. I really hope that this continues for them. Good Luck Spice Dragon!!

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  1. Hey - new to Chowhound and checking out all the Berkshires postings. But had to add to this one. Spice Dragon is great food. I agree with you - the spring rolls are really delicious. The only problem is I fill up on them and can finish my dinner! The place is a lot of fun; the staff is great and friendly. And the manager (or owner?? - not sure who he is) is adorable with an amazing smile.