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May 14, 2011 07:01 AM

Rusted Le Creuset-- I think??? Pic attached

Forgive me-- I know there are a lot of Le Creuset problem posts on this site, but I couldn't find any with my same problem. Anyway, I think I may have taken off the black enamel from my LC skillet. I made a fritatta the other day on the stove top, then put it in the oven to finish it. I probably didn't use enough fat. When I washed it, there was this rusted-looking, bright orange circle, clearly where the flame was. I tried Bar Keepers friend and soap and water, but it's not coming off. I can't tell if it's on top of the enamel, or if the enamel is gone? Any advice on cleaning this thing? And is it safe to still use?

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  1. If the surface is smooth and even then it's most likely a stain.

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      The inside of the skillet is not enameled. It5 is cast iron. Probably a stain, it could be rust. Try reseasoning it.

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        I didn't think they made non enameled interiors on skillets. I thought these had a similar finish to Staub. I don't have one though so I'm not positive.

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          LeCreuset skillets ARE enameled on the inside.Thet use a rough black enamel. That looks like a food stain to me. Which is normal with a new LC skillet. Too uniform to be rust. Did you cook a round piece of meat there?

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            I thought the black layer was enamel, or enameled, in LC skillets.

        2. It is enamel and it does feel pretty smooth to me. Looking up close though, it's hard to tell if the coating is scratched off. The circle shape is definitely from the flame of the stovetop (my stove kind of sucks) and I've gotten this shaped mark on my LC dutch oven-- but that one has the sand-colored interior, which is much easier to clean. It happened after I made a frittata, which covered the whole surface, so it's odd to me that the stain from the food would be exactly where the flame from my stove is. If it is a stain, any suggestions on how to clean it?

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            Hi schmaltz,

            My name is Kristin and I work for Le Creuset. It is nearly impossible to scratch the enamel off of an LC skillet, so it is definitely not rust. However, considering the shape of the mark, it is likely discoloration from using very high heat contact (if your stove is not good, this would explain it). It should not cause any sort of problem for you, with regard to cooking, but I would suggest first soaking the pot in warm water for some time, and then using a scotch-brite pad to gently scrub the interior. Then, try some of our cast iron cleaner (that's not a plug - it really works) to cut down on the discoloration. I hope that helps you....I personally love my LC skillet, and use it almost every day.

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              Thanks! I ended up soaking it in boiling water and baking soda... and the stain came off with a little scraping with a wooden spoon. Thanks all for your advice!