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May 14, 2011 05:45 AM

Montmartre Bakery - What's good there?

Mainly I'm just looking for a decent loaf of bread. Same problem as I had downtown. However, if they have fun, tasty stuff who am I to say no?

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  1. Quite a selection I like:
    (1) German buns 'laugen brot' and pretzel. I found them the closest to the German bakery.
    (2) Croissants, keep well in fridge. I warm them in very low heat oven to crisp them.
    (3) During winter months they sell 'bienenstich' - real cream & almond squares
    (4) Apple strudel. Not oversweetened and the apples are not mush.
    (5) Their small dinner rolls are also crisp outside soft inside.

    I live in Finch/DonMills and never went downtown for bread & groceries so can't compare to those bakeries discussed in other threads.


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    1. re: knusprig

      Have a link!

      Montmartre Bakery
      105 Midwest Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3A6, CA

      1. re: Googs

        Did you get a chance to buy their plain white sliced bread? My family has been buying it for about 30 years. The best!

        1. re: Brain of J

          Beau loves the plain white sliced. Me, I'm addicted to the Italian bread. It's all I can do to not rip chunks off and eat it on the way home. Spectacular. Fresh sliced with a little butter it's as mouth-filling as I've experienced in this town. Montmartre is definitely THE Chow find of Scarborough.

    2. Apple Strudel! Cherry and Blueberry wasn't too bad either!


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      1. re: UptownGal

        A big Me Too on the croissants. I start my grocery shopping there having skipped breakfast so I can indulge. Love the croissants.