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May 14, 2011 12:17 AM

Enameled steel paella pan with gas burner

I just received a gigantic enameled steel paella pan with gas burner as a gift and before I give it a go wanted to see if anyone had some wise words to share with me before I inaugurate it.

Obviously excited about making paella in it but am equally interested in trying risottos and other dishes. It should be fun to bring it outside in the garden and cook outside. Any ideas for other dishes along with your tips are appreciated.

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  1. How big is the pan compared to the burner?

    I have a 12" paella pan (2 actually). When used on my electric coil burner I have to move it around to get half way even heat. I finish the paella by loosely covering the pan with foil and putting it in the oven to get even heat.

    I think you'll need practice to learn how this pan works with your burner.

    Enameled steel is easy to care for; while not non-stick, it does not stick as much as stainless steel. But it also should not be used with intense heat.

    When I bought the 12" pan, I also bought a couple of small tapas pans of the same construction. They get a lot of use in the kitchen just for holding food before and after cooking.

    The big paella pan also makes a nice serving tray.

    There have been a number of paella threads. See below for risotto pan discussions; I'm not sure this pan would that good for that dish.