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May 13, 2011 10:44 PM

Best sit down brunch/lunch near Ferry building for tomorrow

One of my relative is visiting and will be browsing the goods at the ferry building farmers market tomorrow. I am at a lost of where to go for lunch/brunch. Definitely not Slanted door or one market or mijita. i don't want it to be too expensive either (Slanted door price or preferably lower my relative may be treating). SInce we prefer a sit down place (so that we can talk and eat at a nice pace), the outdoor vendors won't do.

What do you think about that seafood place with the oysters in the ferry building. Does that get really packed in the weekend. Preferably near the water so Perbacco won't do (do they even open for lunch in the weekends). Maybe Lafitte (only been there for dinner, I like the space though the food is not as memorable as the space)? That would also be nice as we'll be walking along the pier towards fishermans wharf later in the day.

230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

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  1. Even better if reservations are available so we don't have to wait (i know this is very last minute). Also considered walking in a bit for brunch at Cotogna but light and fresh tasting vegetables would be preferable (though all are definite omnivores).

    490 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

    1. La Mar Cebicheria is open for lunch on weekends and has great Peruvian food. It's in Pier 1 1/2, right next to the ferry building. I particularly like their ceviches and the causas, which are potato cakes with seafood or vegetable toppings, and of course the pisco sours.

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        Love La Mar. I live in the Midwest but have made a point of visiting La Mar on each of my last 3 visits. Need one in Chicago.

      2. There's also Plant Cafe between La Mar and Lafitte.

        1. When my family eats lunch at the Ferry Building, we go to the San Francisco Fish Company. I usually get a soft shell crab po' boy. My mom loves their moules. I've never been disappointed. Seating is scarce, so we tend to sit at those tables just outside of Mijita.

          I like La Mar (which others suggested), but it's fairly expensive.

          San Francisco Fish Company
          1 Ferry Building # 31, San Francisco, CA 94111-4230

          1. Prospect on Spear does Brunch. Good walk or short trolly ride down the embarcadero and they take reservations.