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May 13, 2011 07:34 PM

Dining solo in Shanghai

Hi All

Am newbie here. Will be in Shanghai for 3 days from tonight - yep, so last-minute help is much required.

Any suggestions/recommendations for a solo diner? I saw another thread - but most people only proffered suggestions in Taipei.

As it's quite imminent, any prompt suggestions will be much appreciated.


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  1. Go to Din Tai Fung for Xio Long Bao (soup dumplings). Many around where you are- Also, find Yang's Dumplings- these are fried soup die and go to heaven. Have fun!!

    1. I'm replying to hope this thread will get bumped up and some response! I am the one who posted the question about dining alone in Shanghai and Taipei last year, I am actually headed back to Shanghai next week and have the same question. It's really challenging!

      I know and like DTF, but we now have one in Seattle, so I'd like to try something I can't get at home. I especially like Sichuanese food, but will try almost anything. Anyone have any suggestions? I can't bear the blank looks I get when I try to arrange a solo seat in a Shanghai restaurant. Food court is OK as long as the food is good.

      People who live in Shanghai or spend time there -- what do you do when you need to go out by yourself for dinner? Especially desirable - places near my hotel in Xujiahui (near Gateway mall), but I am happy to travel, too.

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        Hallo, I'm travelling to Shanghai on business since the last 10 years, and I never ever had a problem anywhere in Shanghai to dine alone. I very often go out by myself, and it is really no problem for solo woman traveller. I have been in food markets, and normal chinese restaurants, and in high end chinese restaurants, and in european restaurants. And I never had a single problem, though I don't speak chinese.

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          I live in Xujiahui and eat alone frequently, never a problem (just don't get to order as much). There are a lot of good restaurants at the Metro/Meiluo mall, particularly the Korean and Vietnamese restaurants, plus down Zhaojiabang and elsewhere. Tianping Lu still has a bit of its once legendary street food left, and take it up to Guangyuan for a lot of options, particularly Richard's (Shanghai-style "Western" food) and a really good Xiaolongbao stand right next to it.