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May 13, 2011 05:43 PM

Seriously: baking Goya frozen tostones

I made the mistake of picking up a package of these... I don't even know how long ago... along with other Goya stuff I've since eaten... I don't even want to do them in a fry pan... I don't mind coating them with a little oil as long as they can be MWd...

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  1. No, you can't nuke them -- they'll just be mushy and repulsive.

    You could bake them or saute them in a frying pan, but they need to be crisp.

    1. I agree. I would spray with olive oil and bake them spread out on a cookie or large baking sheet.

      Microwave won't work!

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      1. re: audreyhtx1

        OK, they should fit on a sheet. How hot for the oven?

        1. re: Bob Frable

          I suggest 350 degrees. That's the usual bake temperature.

      2. Tritto on the no MW use. Bake at the very least; pan frying to reheat is really the best way.

        1. Agree that mw is a bad idea. I would bake @ somewhere btw 375 and 400 but not before removing all frost and brushing with some oil and maybe even bringing them closer to room temp.

          Hope they turn out ok for you. :)