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May 13, 2011 05:42 PM

Eugene, OR - Cart de Frisco chicken sandwich

I'm a Eugene expatriate living in Texas. Been here for five years, only been back to Eugene once in that time. I hit most of my old lunch haunts - Pita Pit, Burrito Boy, Newmans Fish. Sadly, it was November and I think the Cart de Frisco was closed. Got it in my head the other day that I *needed* to make something as close to their sandwich as I could.

But how?

I've googled for descriptions or recipes, but can't find anything definitive. Can someone who's had one recently get me a description of all those wonderful sauces? So far, this is what I have: chicken thighs marinated in soy and honey, plum/apple spread, plum sauce (or is it hoisin?), cabbage/carrot slaw in a peanut/sesame dressing, some sort of spicy sauce. Is that right?

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