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May 13, 2011 05:40 PM

George's Greek American Grill in Great Valley/Malvern closed - where have I been?

What???!? Loved George's, but unfortunately did not get there very much. Not very convenient during the weekdays unless I had a day off where I had no plans (rare, right?) and it wasn't open on the weekends. It was always amazing there, I think it was a husband / wife team. Everything was made fresh and it was some of the best Greek I've had in the area. A few months ago I suspected it might be gone, but wasn't sure.....Today decided to meet my husband for lunch & we discovered yes, it is gone.

Anyone know what happened? Seemed like a good gig - was always jammed, and the fact they were only open weekdays for breakfast and lunch made me think that they were doing well financially. Only thing that would make sense is that the couple got divorced. Really hoping I missed some great big announcement of a more accessible place opening TBD.....guess I'll have to wait until the St Sophia Grecian Festival opens in a few weeks to get my Greek fix.

Unfortunately, had a blah meal at Baxter's instead. And I am still tasting those batter fries tonight.

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  1. oh so sad...I used to eat there quite a bit when I worked at the corporate center across the street. I am hoping that they just decided that they had had enough and they retired. Will miss their food!

    1. George moved his operation to Wilmington, DE. I believe the new place is called "Terra"; it's on Market St. Word is that he left because the landlord kept raising the rent.

      1. Greco-Roman in West Norriton (right near the Burger King may be called 'Trooper') has WONDERFUL Greek food. Super service, casual yet they've just added white tablecloths, good price$. 433W to 363N turn right onto Ridge, and it's about 5 doors down on the Left. OOpa!

        1. Terra cafe grille is located on King Street - across from the Doubletree hotel. I was there on business and stopped by..they are still together. They have changed the menu a bit, but the food is still fabulous!

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            This confused me at first as King Street is also Malvern. But Julia was referring to Terra in Wilmington, which is where the George's folks moved to.